Algonac State Park

One of the hidden treasures in the Michigan Tourism industry is Algonac State Park located along the majestic St. Clair River which separates the United States from Canada. Located at 8732 River Road in Marine City, Michigan, the 1450 acre spread features a year round campground that is enjoyed by visitors from all over the U.S. and Canada.

With easy access to major freeways and a short ferry ride to the land of the Maple Leaf, this site offers an easy way for campers or vacationers alike to enjoy a relaxing time watching freighters go by on the river. Visitors can make reservations or get more information on this location by calling (810) 765 5605. There is a Vehicle Permit required for access, but this can be easily obtained through any of the State Parks and Recreation offices.

While many people come for the fishing in the river, there are other things to do as well here. For hikers there are three separate trails designed to showcase the natural beauty of the scenery while at the same time building up the cardiovascular endurance of the participant. The Algonac-Blazing Star trail is one half mile long and is perfect for hiking or even cross-country skiing. The next one is called the Bridge to Bay trail and this one measures in at one mile, making it the ideal length for hiking or biking activities. The longest path measures a hefty two and one half miles and is called the Algonac Oak Savanna trail. Most users will do their cross country skiing or hiking on this one.

Since being close to the river is the primary reason that most campers choose Algonac State Park as their destination, it makes sense that related activities are popular among vacationers there also. Fishermen are often spotted as early as 3 am with their easy chairs and poles relaxing by the side of the road and trying to get something good for the day’s meal. With the fairly heavy freighter traffic, there is also the possibility to catch a glimpse or these modern marvels or take some photographs as well. In the winter, many spectators marvel at the logjams of ice that occasionally jam up the passage and have to be freed by a Coast Guard cutter.

While most people tend to come here in the spring and summer months, Algonac State Park is open all year round, making it an attractive alternative to the higher priced venues that sometimes don’t offer any more in the way of hospitality. Offering cross country skiing along it 3 nature trails is a good incentive for those who still want to spend some time away from the house.

There are 3 distinct campground sites in this facility, each with a different rate and set of particulars. The Riverfront-Modern has 220 sites available with a rate of $27 or $25 with a $16 off season price. This includes electrical service (with some sites at 50 amp service), up to date restrooms and winter camping too. The Algonac Wagon Wheel Modern has 76 sites at a reasonable $18 and includes modern restrooms and electrical service as well. They can be reached toll free at 800 447 2757. Finally, there is a group use are that can be rented through arrangements with the park. It is quite rustic for family get-togethers and can be rented at only $16 per night.

Algonac State Park has long been known for its spectacular views of the St. Clair River, since it has approximately one half mile of frontage along this waterway. Fans have come to love the various habitats engulfed by the almost 1500 acres that comprise this scenic area. Many people have come to enjoy the fishing or freighter viewing and have since become enamored with the wide variety of flora and fauna that is one display here.

There are many different species of animals, plants and insects that can be observed and gathered at this place since it is home to lake plain prairies and oak savannas as well. These form a great place for family adventures and pleasant nature walks too.

Algonac State Park can be one of the most affordable ways for a family to relax and enjoy some quality time on the waterfront.