South Higgins Lake State Park Summer Escape

South Higgins Lake State Park is one of the best kept secrets of Michigan. Millions of residents go their entire lives without even hearing about these state park. However, those who have been here or had the opportunity to camp here know just how great this state park can be. South Higgins Lake State Park has just over 1,000 acres and nearly a mile of perfect sandy beach shore on South Higgins Lake.

Camping is one of the most popular activities at the park. There are only 400 camp sites which are typically reserved as soon as possible through the Michigan State DNR website. Anyone who wishes to be able to spend the night camping at this park, especially during peak times, should reserve their spot the first day possible. Do not expect to be able to drive to the park on July 4th and have a camping site available. Typically, once people begin camping at the park, they continue to come back year after year. The experience that most people have at the park is just magical. They love being able to spend time on the warm sandy beach and swimming in the beautiful clear water of the lake.

South Higgins Lake State Park is a park that is designed for year round use, not just for the summer months. While there is plenty to do and enjoy during the summer, visitors are able to enjoy a variety of activities during the winter months as well. For example, visitors may be able to cross country ski on the pristine trails that lead through the woods. Visitors are also able to ice fish on the lake. Anyone who is interested in ice fishing should be prepared for cold temperatures and should consider bringing an ice fishing shanty with them to protect against the harsh whipping winds that can blast across the lake.

Anglers will also be happy to know that the lake is widely known for its perch and lake trout. A canoe or small boat is typically used to access the center of the lake where most of the fish like to stay. Anyone who would like to bring their own boat is able to use the public boat launch that is located at the park as well. The many trails that extend throughout the forest and wind around the lake can be a great experience for a family to get out on. You do not have to be an avid hiker to enjoy these trails. The trails also vary in length so that everyone is able to enjoy them.

South Higgins Lake State Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the entire United States. While it is best known for its summer camping and spectacular swimming, this park has something to offer during all seasons. The park is located at 106 State Park Drive Roscommon, MI 48653.