St. Croix State Park

Minnesota St. Croix State Park is one of the largest parks in the state of Minnesota. 34,000 beautiful acres are able to be enjoyed by visitors throughout the entire year. Two rivers run through the park including the Saint Croix river, a river that was designated as a national scenic waterway. Water is just one of the many great features of this amazing state park.

Trails are very important to people who are likely to visit the park. There are dozens of miles of trails that are available for horseback riding/hiking in the summer. These trails turning into excellent cross country skiing and snowmobiling opportunities in the winter. Camping is one of the most popular activities in the park. Guests are able to find accommodations at a number of different campgrounds throughout the park. Drive in, hike in or ride in camp sites are all available for guests. It is recommended that guests who wish to spend the night reserve a spot at least a few months in advance. Some of the more popular weekends during the summer can prove difficult for campers to find a registered camp site.

The fire tower is a major attraction for visitors to St. Croix State Park. This fire tower is still used in modern times to look for forest fires. Visitors are able to climb up the fire tower during the summer season and see a spectacular view of the entire park. Guests who visit the rest of the year may be able to access the fire tower by requesting a tour from the park staff. Driving into the park during the winter can prove difficult for most motorists. During major snowstorms and weather events certain roads may be off limits to the public to protect them from possible harm.

The best season to visit St. Croix State Park is during the summer. Fishing on the river, canoeing in Lake Clayton or simply enjoying a hike on one of the many trails is an excellent way to spend a summer day/week. The 34,000 acres that are provided for public enjoyment at this state park make it worth stopping by. While there may be large crowds during the summer, you will not notice more than a dozen or two dozen people once you get out onto the trails or the water. You will feel as if you are all alone and able to enjoy the natural beauty of nature. Do not pass up this amazing opportunity to escape from the city!

Minnesota is the state of 10,000 lakes. Make sure that you enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of water and woods that the state has to offer in St. Croix State Park.