Hawn State Park

Hawn State Park is one of Missouri’s most majestic parks that sprawls over 4,953 acres. The park is a spectacular place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts. The lovers of nature will bask in the beauty while watching many species of animals and birds in this natural habitat. The park features clear streams, sandstone and a forest saturated with oak and pine trees. This is truly a wonderland that beckons to those who love camping and hiking.

Camping is available year round in the park. However, during on-season a reservation will ensure your place in the campgrounds. The on-season is April through October. During this time, the park provides services that include laundry facilities, showers, water, basic campsites and electric campsites. It is important to mention a two-night minimum reservation is required on the weekends. Pets are welcome as long as they are well behaved and their pet owners maintain control.

Hawn State Park contains four amazing trails for hikers and backpackers. A ten-mile trail weaves through the Whispering Pine Wild Area. This area encompasses over 2,800 acres of Dogwood, Pine and Oak trees. Nature lovers will enjoy observing white-tailed deer, squirrels, skink, wild turkey and raccoons. Bird lovers will enjoy a variety of birds such as chickadees, owls, scarlet tanagersbeauty and pine warblers. This is a wildlife wonderland with inspiring views and filled with breath taking beauty. If you prefer a short hike and a fantastic place to have a picnic you will want to take the Pickle Creek one-mile trail.

Although the Pickle Creek tail is a mere mile, it is an exciting and delightful trail as you hike along this pristine creek. The creek winds through the ancient granite rocks and Precambrian igneous rhyolite. The valley along Pickle Creek flourishes with Missouri’s most striking rose azalea shrubs. The scenery is astounding as the creek winds its way through the sandstone. You will enjoy a relaxing picnic surrounded by nature while listening to the cascading water of Pickle Creek.

While you are at Pickle Creek, you can take a short quarter-mile hike on the Overlook trail. Here you will enjoy a spectacular view of the forest-covered hills of Hawn State Park and Pickle Creek Valley. Along the trail, you will find interpretation of the Lamotte Sandstones and the Pine woodlands.

Before leaving Hawn State Park, you should hike the four-mile White Oak trail that begins at the park entrance. On this trail, you may see wild turkey and white-tailed deer. The trail crosses a few creeks and you will enjoy the scenic view from the large sandstone out crops. This serene trail is a nature lover’s dream of unspoiled beauty.

Hawn State Park operates on a first come first serve basis unless you make a reservation. You can call 573-883-3603 to make reservations and the park address is 12096 Park Drive, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670. You will not pay an entrance fee to the park; however, there are camping and lodging fees. The Missouri State Park system does allow alcohol at your campsite. In addition, geocaching is permitted in the park. If you plan to place a cache, you must request a permit.

Hawn State Park is a wonderful park for you next outdoor adventure. This is a fantastic park for families to visit or a group of friends. Make sure you plan in advance and make reservations for an ideal trip to this amazing park.