Alum Creek State Park

If you are looking for one of the best getaways in the entire state of Ohio, you should certainly check out Alum Creek State Park. The park is actually located on a lake, where there are many different things that you can do alone, with friends, or with your entire family. It is a beautiful park above all, so anyone who likes to get out of the house, out of the city, and experience the outdoors to the fullest extent possible will certainly enjoy visiting and staying at the park. There are plenty of activities for an extended stay, so you will not feel bored or out of touch, but just blissfully removed from the chaotic motion of daily life.

One of the main attractions is the beach, which is three thousand feet long. That is enough sand for many people to use all at once, so you will never have to worry about the beach being full or congested. The sand is warm and comforting under the summer sun, and the waves are close enough to go swimming in as much as you want — or as much as you need to, on the hottest days of summer.

Something that draws many people in is the fact that the park actually has cabins to rent; this can provide for a very interesting and unique experience, where you can live at the park in a rustic cabin setting instead of in a camper or a tent. This is great for days when the weather does not cooperate, as a cabin is much better at keeping out the wind and rain than a tent. However, even on the nicest days, a cabin can be fun. Many children have never had a chance to stay in a cabin before, and so you can take your entire family and have an experience that recalls the days of settlers and wagon trains, when all of America was vast and wild and cabin living was just a normal way of life.

A large benefit of choosing Alum Creek State Park is that you will have access to over forty miles of trails. These can be used for hiking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding. The trails are well maintained, but give you a way to get back into the forest without having to be fearful of becoming lost. Horseback riding in particular can be very fun, as riding through the trees can be — much like living in a cabin — a way to recall the America of centuries past, when things were very different. Whether you enjoy this feeling or your children are interested in finding it, the trails at the park are perfect.

There is also a great deal of fishing to be done on the lake, which is generally calm and peaceful. You can bring your own boat and spend a lot of time on the water.

For those who want to camp at the park but do not want to be too disconnected from the modern world or the conveniences that they treasure, the park has a number of amenities that make it a very nice place to stay. There are hot shows and clean bathrooms, so that you can feel clean at all times. There is Wi-Fi available, so you can check your email or keep in touch with friends and coworkers even while you are away from the house. The campsites all have water and electricity, so you can use those functions provided that your RV tailor also supports them, as most do. All of this means that you can experience the fun and adventure of living at a park without having to sacrifice the nicer things about modern living.

If you would like to contact the park to find out more about what they have going on or what they can offer, you can call them at 740-548-4631. If you would like to reserve or rent the cabins or a place to camp, you can call 866-644-6727 instead. To view pictures of the park or read more about it, visit their website at Finally, the physical address of the park is as follows:

Alum Creek State Park
3615 S. Old State Road
Delaware, OH 43015