Wolf Run State Park

Rare beauty lies waiting in a small southeast area of Ohio known as Noble County. Wolf Run State Park has been preserved as one place where people can enjoy nature and relax. Imagine a gorgeous view of forested hills surrounding a lake of clean clear water. The park is where families come to relax, enjoy the camping experience and find solace away from the noises of everyday life in the city. Wolf Run hosts a variety of enjoyable activities every family member can share together.

The Origin of the area surrounding Wolf Run started over 12,000 years ago when glaciers sculpted much of Ohio. Glacier movement avoided the southeast region but left behind melt waters carving out valleys throughout Noble County. It was prime land where eighteenth century settlers from New England farmed and mined vast resources of iron, stone and oil. The area around the park provided vast resources to the new area inhabitants. An idea was sparked in 1963 and 1,338 acres of land were purchased with the intent to build a park for wildlife and recreation. The new plant life featured deciduous forest mix of oaks, maples, beeches and ash. Wolf Run State Park was dedicated in 1968 and has been enjoyed by families since.

The park hosts a variety of activities for any family to enjoy. People can return to basics and hitch a tent in one of several campground areas. Each site provides clean water, restrooms and showers within walking distance of the lake. There are also sites with electricity for the family camper. Four-legged family members are also welcome in campground areas since Wolf Run allows pets. However, one should remember pet leashes are required in all camping areas and hiking trails. Daytime activities could include visits from wildlife guests such as deer, squirrel and wild turkey. Nighttime camping could feature nocturnal beasts like raccoon and bats.

Morning hours are a good time for the family to enjoy a nature walk. Three miles of the Buckeye trail follow along the west side of the lake. A half-mile trail beginning at the nature center provides an opportunity for family nature study. Wolf Run has over five miles of trails for fun and fitness. An afternoon of fishing could follow the morning walk. Wolf Run Lake is a moderately sized lake with 220 acres of clear clean water and spectacular view. Canoes, rowboats and boats with 10 horsepower motors are allowed on the lake. Evening meals could feature the catch of the day. Wolf Run Lake has large and small mouth bass, trout, bluegill, crappie and catfish. There is plenty of opportunity to bring home a prize catch for the avid fisher.

Wolf Run State Park provides fun and activities all year long. Spring is a great time to view nature emerging from the winter sleep. Summer days could be spent swimming or relaxing on the beach, 200 yards along the south side. The beach area includes restrooms and changing areas to change before returning to camp. The more adventurous could scuba dive for a close up look at the aquatic wildlife.

Autumn months provide a wondrous time to visit the park as summertime heat gives way to cooler days and colder nights. The remarkable acreage of green deciduous trees gives way to a panoramic view of red, yellow and orange color. The air turns crisp with the slightest hint of frost in the morning. It is the time of year most park visitors comment and remember.

Winter brings a flurry of other activities as cold and snow canvass the park. Children could enjoy sledding on one of the many hilly areas void of trees. Families could enjoy fresh air and exercise while cross-country skiing. The park possesses easy and moderate level areas for everyone. Hunting is also allowed in designated areas of the park. Hunting area maps are available from the Ranger’s Station.

Wolf Run State Park is a wonderful place where families can relax, enjoy and reconnect with nature. There are activities for every member of the family including camping, hiking, swimming, and fishing and hunting. More information is available at http://www.stateparks.com/wolf_run.html or calling 740-732-5035.