Lakeshore State Park

Lakeshore State Park, covering 22 acres, is a delight to outdoor enthusiasts. The Wisconsin state park on Lake Michigan is a great way for visitors to enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area while getting some invigorating exercise.

Lake Michigan itself is one of the five Great Lakes. The view of the lake can be enjoyed for any of several viewing stations located throughout Lakeshore State Park. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has managed the park since 1998.

There is a study that has found a link between fishing and increased relaxation in some individuals, along with a correlation to a lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels. Whether you enjoy fishing for sport or relaxation, the act of fishing can be enjoyed at Lakeshore State Park thanks to improved fishing access. Anglers will find convenient boat docks. Boaters looking to head into the marina can do it easily from south to north.

Lakeshore State Park’s proximity to Lake Michigan makes it a fisher’s delight. Just some of the fish that can be found in Lake Michigan include Alewife, Bloater, Atlantic Salmon, Carp, Brook and Brown Trout, Lake Herring, Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, Chinook Salmon, Ruffe, Round Goby, Rainbow Trout and Smelt, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, White Perch, White Sucker, Sea Lamprey and Walleye. Space can be reserved in advance for overnight mooring.

Lakeshore State Park plans to make improvements that will offer more choices to outdoor lovers, including a park visitor center featuring public showers and restrooms. These accommodations are being made with overnight boaters in mind and will make the park an even better destination for anglers of all skill levels.

A Harvard study suggests that walking for at least 3 hours a day at a moderate pace will help maintain a healthy heart. Lakeshore State Park has a lakeside multi-use trail that is perfect for taking a brisk walk or leisurely stroll.

Biking is another form of leisurely exercise that is a step up from walking, but can be just as beneficial. Just a few miles of cycling per day can help maintain or lose weight, build leg strength and significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The name of Lakeshore State Park’s multi-use trail says it all. It is also great for biking. The pace you set is totally up to you, but at any speed the beauty of the park and the fresh lake air make for a pleasant day no matter how adventurous you are feeling.

Lakeshore State Park is planning some renovations that will make the park even more appealing to nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. As is, Lakeshore State Park is still a great place to enjoy a pleasant walk, stimulating bike ride or a relaxing fishing outing.

Lakeshore State Park is open to the public from 6am to 10pm. Registered guests or those returning their boats can be in the park outside of those hours. For more information on Lakeshore State Park call 1-888-WDNRINFO (1-888-936-7463) or visit