Big Bend, Texas

One of the most interesting and varied National Parks in the United States is Big Bend National Park, located in southwest Texas. It is like having three different parks in one. The reason for this is due to the topography and how it includes rivers, dessert, and mountains into it. This park has 800,000 acres of natural beauty. Part of it is located in the Republic of Mexico; part of the Rio Grande River serves as the boundary between the two countries. Management of the park abides by these boundaries as well.

The climate in this park has extreme changes and contrasts. Hot temperatures of over 100 degrees, freezing temperatures, or mild winters, can be found depending on the area and season. This is one reason why the plant and animal variety is such in Big Bend. This landscape also has valuable historical and cultural significance from the prehistoric period until the settlers. Today, visitors enjoy the park for its natural beauty and the variety of activities that they can do. Such activities include hiking, fishing, river floating, driving, climbing, bird watching, and bicycle riding. You can visit for one day or longer, and enjoy the beauty of Big Bend.

There is lodging in the park for people who might want to stay in a room or a cottage – Chisos Mountains Lodge. Reservations must be done ahead of time. There are also three campgrounds in the area at per night cost of around $14 a night. An area for RV hook up is also available. Reservation is required. Big Bend is a remote area and the entrance to the park is open 24 hours, as people tend to arrive at different hours after a long drive; however, the visitor centers and stations are not open 24 hours. One important thing for visitors to know is that generators are not allowed in the park. In addition, cell phones may not work on the park, some public phones are located through the park, but visitors should plan their way of communication if they are going to a remote area of the park.

You can also backpack, but need a permit and to pay an entrance fee for the backcountry. It is important that backpackers and hikers prepare themselves accordingly to deal with the climate changes and other conditions – many hikers have died or get lost due to improper preparation. There are also areas to camp in your vehicle, but you must obtain a permit as well. These are primitive campsites, as they are called, and do not have facilities or tables. Most require a vehicle capable of handling mountain terrain, such as a 4×4 with high clearance. Park management discourages the use of any other type of vehicle that will not handle the terrain in those particular areas. Getting stuck in this kind of environment is dangerous.

There are restrictions that visitors must follow in order to enjoy their visit and preserve the environment at the park; it is important that visitors familiarize themselves with the park’s rules – this is done for the safety of visitors as well as to protect the park. Big Bend is rough and wild country compared to other parks across the USA, this is why it is important that visitors follow commonsense, safety rules, and the parks regulations and recommendations, including international border safety rules.

Big Bend National park is one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the United States. Visitors can enjoy a safe visit with a bit of ahead of time preparation, including knowledge, information, and the necessary and essential supplies for their visit. The place is breathtaking and as close to nature as you can get.