Lake Clark – Alaska –the place for those who love the great outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge will feel at home at Lake Clark, Alaska. Lake Clark is a national park and preserve that was originally intended to serve to preserve the watershed to protect red salmon. Lake Clark is a popular place to visit during the summer, but is open year around. Those who enjoy sports hunting and trapping are allowed to do so at Lake Clark Preserve and Lake Clark National Park. Licenses and permits are required those those who want to hunt. Hunting licenses may be purchased in Anchorages as well as through some lodges.

For those who plan to hunt at Lake Clark, trips can be arranged through licensed big game transport services. Some areas of the preserve can only be accessed by boat or planes. Air taxis transport hunters. Information about hunting trips and transporters may be obtained through the Lake Clark Administrative Headquarters in Anchorage, or at the park head headquarters in Port Alsworth. Fishermen will enjoy the clean, pristine waters of Lake Clark Park.

Hiking is another option at Lake Clark park. Day hiking is a popular adventure for many visitors. Those who enjoy hiking will be thrilled at the prospect of climbing to the Alpine Lakes and waterfalls. A hike worth making is the Tanalian Falls trail. Hikers should plan well just in case they suffer an injury or get lost. They should take survival supplies such as a compass, map, rain gear and pocket knife. Supplies should also include snacks and water. Rafting the rivers in the Lake Clark Preserve can provide a great way to see the great scenery the area offers.

Lake Clark is plentiful with wildlife. Those who live in the area depend on wildlife to make a living. Fishing contributes to the economy. Residents hunt and fish in the area but are careful to respect the resources and beauty offered by Lake Clark. Those who visit are expected to be good stewards of the wildlife and other resources in the area and should respect property boundaries since there is private land in the preserve.

The weather in Alaska can be rather chilly for those who from the lower forty-eight who are accustomed to temperatures of 90 to 100 degrees. Those who plan to visit Lake Clark during the summer months should plan to take along a few warm pieces of clothing.

Lake Clark has all of the adventures an outdoor person can imaging. Whether hunting, fishing, hiking, rafting or sightseeing, there is something at Lake Clark for for almost anyone who loves the great outdoors.