Theodore Roosevelt – North Dakota

The Theodore Roosevelt-North Dakota is a popular national park in North Dakota, named after the 26th President of United States. The park covers more than 70,446 acres of land situated in the west central part of North Dakota. This park is collectively described as ‘badlands’. It is separated into 3 distinct units, including the North Unit, the South Unit and the remotely primitive Elkhorn Ranch Unit.

The North Unit is situated close to the Watford city, and features over 15 miles of scenic drives with several interpretive signs and turnouts along its way. The main highlight of this North unit is its awe-inspiring panoramic view at the River Bend.

South unit features about 36 miles of scenic drive. It is anchored by the Old western town of Medora. Visitors coming here can take the western themed musicals. They can visit the cabin of Teddy Roosevelt, play golf on the scenic Bully Pulpit Golf Course, tour Chateau De Mores, which is a 27-roomed mansion constructed in the year 1884.

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers you a unique opportunity to discover the rugged terrains, watch the wildlife and relax in the shade of the cotton wood tree. You can enjoy a great lifestyle and the scenes which charmed Theodore Roosevelt himself in 1880s. It is said that TR’s overall experiences in the Dakota badlands had shaped his life and even directed him to the Presidency and to become the most leading land conservationists.

This national park is a scenic wonder with the badlands fantastically broken the form and so strange in color. Explore the grim fairyland of the Theodore National Park and its wonderful geologic formations.


Theodore Roosevelt-North Dakota experiences a semi-arid climate of the Northern Great Plains. The summers are usually warm including a high temperature in 80s and 90s. Occasionally, the temperature can reach to the 100s as well. The summer evenings can also be cool including average lows in 50s. An average annual rainfall also takes place in the year as well.

The winters are often found to be cold as well as windy with a brief warm spells. The average highs remain in its 20s and 30s, while average lows are found in single digits. The snowfall averages about 30 inches each year.


The Great Plains of Theodore Roosevelt-North Dakota exhibits an astounding wildlife, including mule and white tailed deer, feral horses, prairie dogs, bison, golden eagles, feral horses, elk, bobcats, porcupines, snakes, longhorn steers, badgers, beavers, pronghorn antelope, wild horses, birds, pronghorn and the sharp-tailed grouse.

For juniors

There are ranger-guided hiking tours where kids of all ages can take part with proper guidance. These hiking tours can really be a fun and great way to spend time in this park. The kids can bring home some life-long memories from the park. Junior ranger programs as organized in the park offer a great opportunity to discover the park. You may even check out the Family Fun Package as offered to the children as well as their families.

Park Features

Horseback tours, nature and hiking trails, camping, wildlife viewing, Teddy Roosevelt’s Cabin, visitor centers, interpretive tours and trails, Maah Daah Hey Trail (global standard 96 mile Mountain Bike trail), Bully Pulpit Golf Course (18 scenic holes golf ground set in a ruggedly located beautiful Badlands), Chateau De Mores, Medora Musical and more.