Voyageurs – Minnesota

Voyageurs-Minnesota is a wonderful water based park, where you take the water to fully experience the islands, the lakes as well as the shorelines of this pleasant national park. More than 200 years ago, the French-Canadian voyageurs are known to have been paddled the birch bark canoes which were full of trade goods and animal pelts through this particular area on their way to the Lake Athabasca in Canada. It was before the American Revolution and these voyageurs had paddled the birch bark canoes along what is considered the part of the popular Minnesota-Ontario border.

Today, Voyageurs-Minnesota exists along the same route and has been preserved in this pristine area, much in the same manner known to the early men who had discovered the place. Most people coming here explore this national park by canoe, kayak, motorboat and houseboat.

In 2007, Voyageurs National Park had adopted the new fish and boating restrictions and the best management practices. These measures were taken to safeguard the interior of the park from the aquatic exotics like the spiny water fleas.


Voyageurs-Minnesota experiences a cool, continental type of a climate including, warm and short summers, followed by cold and long winters. The average temperature during the summers are found to about 60 degrees F to 80 + degrees F. The winter temperature often ranges from below 0 degrees F to 20 degrees F.


With more than 30 lakes, the Voyageurs National Park is considered a stunning fishing paradise and appears to be a wonderful getaway from the crowded city life. Hence, water is definitely a great feature of the Voyageurs National Park. The inter-linked waterways offer recreational boaters with unmatched prospect to discover this forested lake nation.

The Voyageurs National Park serves home to some of the fresh water fishes. These waters usually contain fishes like crappie, small mouth bass, northern pike and walleye. Due to the isolated location of the waters, there remains less pressure in fishing in the lakes here, rather than on the other lakes.


The Voyageurs-Minnesota serves home to a rich variety of the wildlife. The far-off howl of a jackal or a wolf, the snap of the grass or branches as black bear or white tailed deer moves through the vast forest-are few of the common sounds which reminds us that we are moving through the forest and we are just visitors here.

Getting There

By Air: The air travelers can take full benefit of MN, Hibbing or International Falls airports. The hotel shuttles and rental cars are also available at these airports.

By Car: Voyageurs, Minnesota is 4 hours drive from Winnipeg, 3 hours from the North of Duluth on the Highway 53 and 5 hours from Minneapolis North- Highway 53 and on I-35.

By Bus: There are Greyhound bus line services from Duluth, MN.

Activities & Seasons

The Voyageurs, Minnesota is open throughout the year offering swimming, fishing and boating facilities in summer and snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing in the winter months.