Ferry Beach State Park in Maine

Ferry Beach State Park is located to the east of the cities of Saco and Biddeford. This park is the place to come for enjoying some truly amazing views of the ocean. The stand of black gum, or tupelo, trees is a rare treat for the area or any area at the latitude of this park. The park got its name from a ferry that crossed the Saco River to serve beach travelers.

Ferry Beach State Park offers a variety of fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. During the period between Memorial Day and the first day of October, the park offers fishing, picnicking, and swimming. The park’s hiking trails are kept open during the winter months for cross-country skiers enjoy. Even guided nature tours are available. The natural landscape of Ferry Beach State Park includes swamp land, hardwood trees, beach area, and dunes. Popular activities in the park include clam digging, collecting sea shells on the sea shore, and surf fishing. T is important that people familiarize themselves with the trail system of the park before they head out to explore. All of the trails are coded by color. These codes are prominantly displayed on the signs for the trails, which are located near the edge of Ferry. Each State Park’s parking area. Guests can discover all of the varied habitats that fill the park by exploring the several hiking trail loops in different combinations. These trails are open to everyone over the course of the entire year. The only catch is that the signs are taken down during the late part of the fall season and kept in storage to undergo maintenance until the following spring season. A small lake that is filled with fresh water offers the perfect rustic setting to provide visitors with the opportunity to catch some delicious fish. Pit toilets and drinking fountains are available for use, but the park’s facilities are fairly primitive in general. People who frequent the ark for overnight stays are the kind who prefer to rough it.

The coastal region of southern Maine is a big vacation spot for people to visit throughout the year. This region typically experiences daytime temperatures that are higher than eighteen degrees during the winter. During the summertime, the temperatures are usually around seventy degrees. This is similar to the climates experienced by the mid-coastal and greater Portland regions. Each year, the region gets about forty to forty-five inches of rain. This mild climate makes Ferry Beach State Park very popular with people who like to enjoy the outdoors. Whether covered in snow or bathed in sunshine, Ferry Beach State Park is the perfect place for all to enjoy the pleasures of the great outdoors.

Ferry Beach State Park is widely-regarded as having one of New England’s nicest beaches. Visitors who come to enjoy the incredibly gorgeous beach can stay and enjoy the amazing blueberry picking opportunities and the abundandance of vibrant wildlife. If they go for short hikes down the tails, they can find many more varieties of berries, nuts, and mushrooms, one of the most popular of which is the teaberry. For seafood, they can visit Camp Ellis Pier. There is no lack of interesting things to see and do in this special state park. Whether one is visiting with family, with friends, or even alone, this is a place that offers a wealth of things to do for fun.

Ferry Beach State Park is an incredibly beautiful place. For only one dollar admission, visitors are able to enjoy a wealth of natural orders. With one of the best beaches in the New England area, it is very easy to see why this state park is so popular. The extensive series of mildly difficult challenging hiking trails makes this state park one of the most popular places in the state of Maine for people who are enthusiastic about hiking to visit. In the winter, they make the park just as popular with people who avidly pursue their loves of cross-country skiing. There are few areas that are so versatile as Ferry Beach State Park. With its broad appeal to such a wide range of people, the park is truly a unique treasure.