Lake St. George State Park

Lake St. George State park is one of the jewels of the Maine system. It is located on the shores of sparkling Lake St. George just off of State Route 3 in Liberty, Maine. The entire complex is built around the blue crystal clear water of the lake where water sports and other activities are enjoyed by tourists and visitors alike. Campers enjoy an overnight stay near this pristine location, and can observe a spectacular sunrise during the warm months of the year.

Interested parties and tourists can find this unfettered vacation spot at 278 Belfast Augusta Road in Liberty, Maine. Their official website is: They are open during the summer months – May 15th to October 1st. With only 38 campsites in the park, space is at a premium with a maximum recreational vehicle length of thirty five feet.

There are a great many things to do and see here as the park has done some wonderful work in providing for the varied clientele who frequent the area during the tourist season. There are built in facilities for swimming, fishing, boating and many other aquatic fun details. Tents are also welcomed for campers who want to stay in a more rustic environment. Reservations are easily taken care of by calling toll free 1 800 322 1501 or 207 624 9950.

There are 38 sites available for campgrounds at Lake St. George State park and new accommodations for campers include hot showers, dump stations and water facilities that were included for the 2009 season. In addition, visitors can enjoy nearby amenities such as an ice cream parlor, café, restaurant and various stores that are within a 2 mile radius from the park. All of these add up to a most comfortable stay for travelers who want to get away from it all, yet still desire some of the things that were left at home.

A new playground has been installed for the kids, while picnic tables complete with hibachi style grills were also added to make picnicking at this facility much easier. Family get-togethers or reunions with old friends make this a perfect spot to accommodate a small gathering. Volleyball courts and horseshoe pits make for a great end of the day diversion when the food stuffs have been consumed. They also offer rentals for kayaks, canoes, paddleboats and rowboats for a small fee. This is great news for water sport aficionados who will enjoy their time spent on beautiful Lake St. George.

Of course, aquatic fun is the main attraction for visitors, with swimming being the primary draw for the local residents. There is a designated swimming location that has a lifeguard on duty from the middle of June to the last day of August. Fishermen will love the challenge of snagging some salmon, bass or walleye depending on their taste. With the easy access to the lake via the nearby boat launch, this makes for a perfect fishing spot for avid fans of this sport. Also nearby is the Sheepscot River and Kingdom Bog for those persons who would like an adventure while in a kayak.

For those people who prefer terra firms, there are trails located just across the street which wind through the wilderness. Nature lovers or bird watchers will find the time spent here to be quite relaxing. The most frequently seen bird is the loon which makes its home nearby. Their distinctive calls are typically echoed at night and heard by visitors to the area. Lake St. George is over 1000 acres in size and there are also many small islands that are just beginning to develop in the main part of this idyllic waterway.

In the summer months, this part of Maine experiences its most welcoming weather. High temperatures are in the 80s, dropping to lows in the 50s during the night time. This combination of warm breezy days and cool nights make for a perfect vacation spot as visitors can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while snuggling under the covers as the fall of night comes in.

This is almost the ideal place for a summer getaway for residents and vacationers alike. There are many things to do for kids and water sports to keep the adults occupied. Reservations can be made by contacting the park office at 1 800 322 1501 or 207 624 9950.