Mount Blue State Park

Mount Blue State Park can be found in Franklin County in the western portion of the state of Maine. It is one of the largest parks in Maine, and it covers over 5,000 acres. The state of Maine owns the park, but operations are controlled by the Department of Conservation. It is located near the Tumbledown Mountain, Mount Blue, and the Little Jackson Mountains. Additionally, it is situated on Webb Lake. It is also open to visitors year-round.


The camping facilities at Mount Blue State Park are open from the middle of May until the end of September, and there are 136 sites. Visitors enjoy the fact that the campground has hot showers and indoor plumbing, a boat launch, a nature center, amphitheater, and a beach. The maximum RV length for the campground is 35 feet. A park naturalist can also be found near the campground, and they schedule hikes and other programs during the warm summer months. There are Adirondack shelters that groups can use for camping, and visitors can also rent canoes.

All campsites run by the Department of Conservation are first come, first served. The charge for campers is $10 for Maine residents and $18 for non-Maine residents each night. All camping fees are also subject to the seven percent lodging tax in the state of Maine.


There are many activities available to visitors to Mountain Blue State Park. There are many trails that are open to hikers and bikers, and they can also be used for horses and ATVs. Mount Blue is a popular destination for day hikes. Center Hill Area is a popular location to access these trails, and it also has a fantastic and scenic picnic area for guests.

Visitors also enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing in the area. The park has boat rentals available, and they can also receive free fishing gear. Fisherman will find an abundant amount of sunfish, perch, pickerel, and smallmouth bass in Lake Webb. Fly fisherman should stay near the head waters of Webb River or near the streams that flow into Webb Lake. There they can snag brook grout or brown trout.


Visitors to the Mount Blue State Park view a variety of wildlife. Moose and deer live in or around the park. Red and gray squirrels, as well as turkeys, are also common. Coyotes and black bear also make the park home, but visitors view them significantly less than other animals.


The trails at Mount Blue State Park offer there basic loops of about 20 miles. Most of the trails are ATV trails that are also interlaced with trails for cross country skiers. Most visitors rate the difficult level at an intermediate level. The trails have a decent mixture of climbing areas as well as descending areas. The trails are also well marked so that riders are able to find their way around easily. Visitors should make sure to use the token donation box, which helps keep the trails well maintained.


The state of Maine has a continental climate, which means they have warm summers and cold winters. The driest month in Mount Blue State Park is August, as the average amount of precipitation is just over 3 inches. The wettest month is November with 4.72 inches. The coldest month is January, and the average temperature there over night is only 12.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month at 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit is July. The total average snowfall in the state is between 60 inches and 90 inches. This makes the state very popular when it comes to winter sports, such as skiing, snowmobiling, and snow boarding.

Contact Information

Mount Blue State Park in Maine is located approximately 14 miles to the northwest of Wilton. It can be found off of Route 156 in Weld, Maine on Center Hill Road. For more information, visitors can contact the park by pone at 207-585-2347. Reservations can be made by phone at 800-332-1501.