Ashland State Park

The idea of getting back to nature can sound like a clichéd phrase, but for a true outdoor enthusiast, it means finding the right place to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities, which can be tough. State parks can be a good choice, and Ashland State Park in Massachusetts has many outdoor options for outdoor fans. Located in eastern Massachusetts, west of Boston, this state park offers 470 acres for fun and relaxation, including the 157 acre Ashland Reservoir.

Visitors to Ashland State Park who are ready for a myriad of activities will not be disappointed. The park offers a broad spectrum of activities for outdoor enthusiasts during all times of the year:

<b>Water Activities</b>

The Park contains several pristine beaches with areas for swimming and enjoying the weather. Boating and fishing are more activities available as well as canoeing. Anyone who loves the clean air and crispness of one of Massachusetts’ state parks will enjoy time spent on Ashland State Park’s water.

<b>Wooded Areas and Trails</b>

Walkers and joggers are encouraged to try the many trails available in the Park and take in the beauty of its wooded areas. Hikers can also find challenging routes in the vast expanse of acreage available. The Park provides a beautiful and quiet place for the person on foot to reflect on life, nature or anything else they love.

Mountain bike enthusiasts will also find trails to satisfy their cycling needs. With the beauty of biking trails providing an inspirational backdrop, cyclists will want to visit the Park over and over again for an exciting workout.

Year round activities are available at Ashland with the option for such outdoor activities as cross country skiing available to those who love the cold and snow. Workout enthusiasts will find the terrain challenging and beautiful. With the Park’s variable and diverse weather, there are many options to choose from throughout the year. Because of its location in the New England countryside, the Park can change from the beauty of Spring and warmth of Summer to a colorful Fall season followed by the beauty of Winter snowfalls.

<b>Camping and other Activities</b>

For those who love sleeping under the stars, several campgrounds are available in Ashland State Park’s surrounding area. Picnicking areas are available too, so campers have a place to cook out and eat along with those just visiting for the day. The Park has also upgraded all of its areas to include handicapped access and wheelchair ramps to such areas as the boathouse and pond.

<b>Family Activities</b>

It seems that fewer activities are available for families to do together these days. Sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page as far as making time goes. A trip to a State Park like Ashland gives everyone something fun to do while providing a safe place for recreation. With the range of activities offered, visitors can enjoy spending time together away from the fuss of the city. For those who want to stay but aren’t interested in camping, the towns around the Park offer hotel options.

One appealing feature many will discover about Ashland State Park is its unique position as the best of both worlds. While it is located in a small town setting, it is still within easy reach of many city recreation spots. Park visitors can spend their day in the fresh air and head toward Boston or other locations for the evening and night time hours, balancing a fun filled day and night.

While located in the small town of Ashland, the State Park is surrounded by other towns of similar size. Park visitors may find some indoor activities as well as outdoor recreation to entertain themselves. With a rich history to be explored in many towns, Massachusetts has much to offer beyond recreation. The park industry serves to help support small town businesses and industries that in turn keep the economy alive.

Some of the activities available in the surrounding area include a variety of restaurants, miniature golf plus several libraries and museums. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of all of the activities available. Ashland State Park is located it:

Route 135
Ashland, MA 01721

Phone (508) 435-4303