Pearl Hill State Park

Pearl Hill State Park offers guests a campground that boasts some of Massachusetts’ most private and largest campsites. All of these gorgeous camping spots sit beneath lush canopies of statelypine trees. One of this state park’s unique amenities is the newly-constructed bathhouse facilities. Add to this the exceptional level of woodland hiking, the miles of challenging and beautiful hiking trails, and the abundant opportunities for great swimming and antiquing experiences, and it is easy to see why so many people enjoy spending time at Pearl Hill State Park.

This state park offers a wealth of fun things to do and see. Guests to the park can enjoy mountain biking, riding horses, relaxing at the comfort station, taking showers, having easy access to pay telephones, interpretive programs, picnicking, playing with leashed pets, fishing, and many other leisure activities.

One thing that visitors to Pearl Harbor State Park should keep in mind is that there is a new regulation which prohibits anyone from transporting firewood into the park. It also prohibits people taking any firewood out of the park. Firewood is available to be purchased at the actual campground area for the very small donation of just five dollars. People who are caught in violation of this regulation will be subject to eviction and a large fine. It is also prohibited to be in possession of alcoholic beverages at any state park. Also, park reservations should be made under the name of only the campsite’s primary occupant. There is also a ten dollar fee for canceling or changing any reservations. The park also enforces a strict fourteen day limit to camping stays for visitors. This is to ensure that everyone can get the opportunity to spend a decent amount of time in the park. Without the fourteen day maximum stay, many people would choose to stay for much longer periods of time and the park would become too ceowded to accomodate as many different guests as want to experience this beautiful place.

The park also places a limit on the number of guests who can stay at one campsite. Anything over four people is strongly frowned upon. However, they do make an exception that one family can also comprise the party occupying a campsite. If a family does have many more than four people, it is respectful to reserve more than one campsite. It is also much more comfortable for everyone involved. This is because the park limits the amount of equipment that can be used on a single campsite. The number of tents that are allowed for a single campsite is limited to only two. If the guests are using a camper or recreational vehicle, the park limits them to only one of these things per camping space. The camp also heavily enforces quiet hours from ten at night to seven in the morning. These regulations add up to creating a positive and respectful atmosphere that campers appreciate quite a bit. Anyone who has ever experienced the alternative will understand how important it is to have solid rules and enforcement to accentuate the experiences of every camper. Campers can contact earl Harbor State Park during the off-season for any reason by calling them on their telephone number at 978-597-8802.

Pearl Hill State Park is a fantastic place to spend leisure time. The park truly offers something for everyone. People who are enthusiastic about hiking will be excited by the diverse trails that are offered by Pearl Hill. People who are looking for a place to camp and enjoy the outdoors with the family, without being bothered by disrespectful fellow campers, will enjoy the respectful atmosphere that is nurtured by the park. People who enjoy riding horses through woodland trails will love what the park has to offer in this area. People who just want to enjoy gorgeous beaches will find a great deal to love about Pearl Hill. Whether one enjoys swimming, biking, or any other outdoor activity, there is a very good chance that this park will become one of their favorite places on the planet. People who enjoy spending time in the company of wild animals and enjoying the wonders of nature, should give Pearl Harvor State Park a chance.