Forest Lake State Park

Forest Lake State Park can be found off Route 116 in Dalton, New Hampshire. The office of the park can be reached at 603-837-9150 . Created in 1935, Forest Lake is one of the original ten state parks in New Hampshire, a number that has grown to 65 state parks since that time. The park features a 200 foot beach on Forest Lake. Activities that are available at the park include boating, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, picnicking and swimming. The park is open from about the middle of June until Labor Day.

Camping is not offered in the park, however many other activities are. Horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, and just enjoying nature are very popular at the Forest Lake State Park. Most visitors come to the park to use the beach and picnic areas and to enjoy nature. Due to the atmosphere and family friendly ways of the park, pet owners are asked not to bring pets with them into the park. Camping is available in nearby Burns Lake Campground just three miles away or in Apple Hill Campground just five miles away. If you want to travel a bit further, Snowy Mountain Campground is about six miles from Forest Lake State Park or Mountain Lake Campground is seven miles away.

While trails are found throughout the park, there is no specific names or markings for the trails. The park is unstaffed even during the busy summer months. Visitors are asked to use the “Carry in, carry out” approach to keeping the park looking beautiful. That is, whatever you bring in with you, you must take out with you as well. Because the park is not staffed, the road in the park is also not regularly maintained. Because of this, the park is only accessible weather permitting. Since winters and springs in New Hampshire tend to be quite wet, the mountain roads become very muddy and difficult to navigate. During this time, many people choose not to venture into the wilderness.

The Mountain View Grand Golf Course is also nearby, offering visitors an opportunity to get in a few rounds of golf. It is also a wonderful place to stay as an alternative to camping. Another interesting point of interest found in New Hampshire is Frost Place. The childhood home of Robert Frost, the poet, as well as a summer home later in his life, this is the place where his poetry evolved. Near the farm house there is a nature trail with short parts of his work posted along the way.

Specific details and reservation information for the Forest Lake State Park including fees and other details can be found online at Other details are available by contacting the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation at P.O. Box 1856, 172 Pembroke Rd , Concord, New Hampshire, 03302.