Jericho Mountain State Park

Jericho Mountain State Park is located on Jericho Lake Road in Berlin, New Hampshire. The telephone number to reach park staff is 603-271-3254. Jericho Mountain State Park is generally open year round, weather permitting. Some of the snow storms cause road closures, which result in park closures. The park also closes in the early spring to protect the trails as the snow begins melting. While the park is open during the off season, it is not generally staffed.

Activities offered at Jericho Mountain State Park include biking, horseback riding, kayaking, archery, skiing, snowshoeing, boating, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, ATV riding, fishing, hiking, mushing, picnicking, rock climbing and camping. Jericho Mountain State Park is best known for ATV and snowmobile riding. The current trail system offers riders over 40 miles of scenic riding and is scheduled to be part of the 7200 acre off road recreation site being constructed.

Mushing is allowed within the park. Mushing is dog sled riding or racing. Because of the terrain, it is ideal for training dogs for races or just for the enjoyment of the sport. The camping sites at Jericho Mountain are currently being developed. ATV and snowmobiling riding are quite popular among visitors as well as snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

In the warmer months, kayaking and canoeing are very popular as well as hiking and fishing. Because the park has only been open a short time, many activities are limited. Plans are underway for the development of the park’s camping facilities and trails as well as many other outdoor adventures. While waiting for the development however, visitors can walk the trails or ride the trails and enjoy some fabulous views of Jericho Lake as well as the undisturbed beauty of nature. Walking provides the added bonus of being able to view wildlife in their natural habitat. ATVs and snowmobiles obviously startle most of the wildlife but occasionally riders will get glimpses of many types of animals while riding.

Jericho Mountain State Park is also known as Jericho Lake State Park. The backdrop of the White Mountains in Berlin gives the park a restorative quality that is rarely found today. If you are looking for all-in-one stop, Jericho Mountain State Park is currently not quite ready for that attention. However, if you are willing to make a few changes in your itinerary and stay at another location, Jericho Mountain provides a wonderful day trip option with many activities that can be done. Since the campground is currently in development stage, camping is not yet permitted. However, many nearby hotels as well as other campsites are available for campers.

Currently the day use site offers visitors a picnic area that includes grills and a shelter that can be used for functions. The beach is fully functional because it has been in operation since the early 1970s as a city park. Beach houses are also there for visitors to use. While Jericho Mountain State Park is still in its infancy as far as state parks go, it has the potential to grow up to be a spectacular state park that all who visit will enjoy.