Visiting New Jersey’s High Point State Park

If you’re looking for fun and excitement, amid a vast array of lush landscape and magnificent scenery, the Garden State has a park created with you in mind. New Jersey’s High Point State Park has it all. Encompassed by a view of 1,803 feet above sea level, the park’s vantage point features a gaze of the tri-state area as vivid as it gets. Whether you are an avid hiker or an enthusiastic camper, the grounds of the park are vast and plentiful as every adventurer may envision.

The park was designed back in the 1920s by a talented firm also responsible for creating the memorable and historically rich landscapes of central Park in New York. A wonderful aspect of this Garden State treasure is the fact that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also is very much environmentally friendly. Throughout the park you will notice trash bags for your convenience, and this helps maintain the beauty of the park’s appearance.

Located in Sussex county which is in the northern region of the state, High Point State Park is more than about lush landscapes and breathtaking splendor. This is the place to bring your outdoor spirit to life! Every nature lover and outdoor enthusiastic will be inspired by all there is to do at the park. Even during the col winter moths you can enjoy the fresh crisp air and hiking trails. The park is open during winter from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

When visiting High Point State Park, you’ll be awe-struck by the monument which honors war veterans. This is definitely a must-see landmark, so be sure to have those cameras handy. The monument viewing is available every weekend through mid October.

You’ll also find a variable plethora of entertaining and educational programs for the entire family to participate in. Guided hiking trails with stops along picturesque streams, will inspire you to stop and capture everything on camera for a memorable photo album keepsake. This is a nature lover’s paradise for sure.

No worries for safe family swimming, as the lakes are secured by qualified and trained lifeguards. Hot dog stands which feature various snacks ad eateries along the shores make fr a convenient place to relax. Or if you wish, pack a lunch and enjoy an old fashioned family picnic. The beaches are open daily through early September. Boat and canoe rides may be enjoyed along the lakes of High Point Park as well.

For the hunting enthusiast, this sport is permitted, set to NJ guidelines and regulations. For more information, check with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. The deer hunt requires a special permit from a license agent. This event is held annually in late autumn.

For the adventurer-loving thrill seeker, another fun aspect of the High Point State Park is the Atlantic white cedar swamp. There’s a swamp trail available which is detailed and mapped out in a guide book. Stop in the the park office for more details and to obtain a copy of the leaflet. Trails along the swamp will allow explorers to view some of New Jersey’s most endangered species of swamp wildlife, including majestic hawks.

For more outdoor activities, High Point State Park offers over 50 miles of available trails for hiking, biking and skiing. This is a great option and alternative to riding your bike on the city streets. Why not take in the grandeur of the park as you cycle your way to fun and fitness! Bring your snowmobile or rent one for winter time fun. Dog lovers can participate in dog sledding events as well.

In spring, summer and fall, there are 50 campsite stations to enjoy. Toilet facilities also available on these campsites, which make it a convenient bonus. The campsite prices are in the $20 range and this is per night. There are also special group rates for larger parties. For that little added touch of luxury accommodations, fully furnished cabins are available for the rental price of approximately $65 per night.

Of course picnic tables are also available for an affordable fee. Many of these include rills for cooking up some mealtime family favorites. The picnic sites feature playground facilities for the little ones, so everyone can enjoy a fun day at the park.

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