New York’s Bayswater Point State Park; A Unique Family Playground

Located in the Rockaways at the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the Mott Basin on the scenic eastern shore of Jamaica Bay, Bayswater Point State Park is a New York State treasure. Comprised of 12 acres of scenic splendor, it is a wonderland of beauty and nature. This superb example of land preservation of both flora and fauna affords the opportunity for families to spend an hour, a day, or more, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in peace and natural harmony.

The topography is studded with glorious beach frontage, preserved wetlands, and stately woodlands. The variety and diversity of natural landscapes attracts many varieties of nesting and migrating birds and fowl. In order to preserve the sanctity of the creatures indigenous to the area, no domesticated pets are allowed on the grounds or in any of the facilities. This strict adherence to the natural order of wildlife is integral to maintaining safe sanctuary for all things native to the area. The objective of the park is to regenerate what natural beauty and integrity may have been lost from overuse and misuse in the past. To that end, constant vigilance and due diligence are necessary in order to minimize corruption or negative impact on the area. However, hiking the beautiful area, fishing the rich waters, the study of the natural habitats and other non-invasive recreational pastimes are encouraged.

Bird watchers are exhilarated by the presence of the many species of birds found in the area and are often electrified by the occasional rarity. Picnickers are thrilled to enjoy the serene solitude and visual beauty of the landscape. Families love the opportunity to show their children how beautiful nature can be in its primal form outside the cages and walls of a zoo or inner city park. The many trails that run throughout the park offer hikers and backpackers the opportunity to experience the tranquility not available in the urban sprawl that they’re accustomed to working and living in. Sportsmen seeking to net some bass, trout, or other pan fish are welcome to fish the beautiful waters of Jamaica Bay daily 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, through September. All other activities are welcome 365 days a year. Companies, organizations, families, and other groups are welcome to schedule private events for a mere $30.00 fee and donation to the preservation efforts.

Weddings and outdoor receptions are a familiar scene at New York’s Bayswater Point State Park. Photographers and wedding celebrants are always pleased to be able to include such a picturesque backdrop to enhance the wedding photos. The beauty of the landscape and the festive decorations provide a lovely setting for the lasting memories that make the occasion so special. And in addition to the visual beauty of the area, the pure sounds of nature surrounding any event bring the ambiance alive. Outdoor weddings are always more memorable and Bayswater Point State Park is a lovely place to create memories.

In addition to private weddings and other personal functions, there are also occasional commercial film and photo shoots that are held on the grounds of beautiful Bayswater. Student films for school projects are often shot “on location” in the park. The surrounding scenery offers a great opportunity to bring a real “on location” atmosphere even to films that can only afford the strictest of budgetary limitations. For information on weddings and other commercial photo or film shoots, please contact Lillian Lee at 212 866-3100.

The address is:
Bayswater Point State Park
Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve
83 Nielsen Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10309

Phone: (718) 967-1976

The website is located at There, you will find links to all the information available. You can Google the address online to easily find directions to the park.

If you would like to donate to the efforts to preserve and help maintain the integrity and natural beauty of Bayswater Point State Park, you will find a link on the website page.

There is no greater gift we can give to our children than the recovery and preservation of the natural beauty of our planet. And there is no easier way to contribute to that gift than to donate to that cause.