Bald Eagle State Park in Pennsylvania

Bald Eagle State Park is a beautiful park located in the central part of Pennsylvania. This park is far from the urban areas of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, giving it a more secluded feel. It is located off of Route 150 between the Allegheny Plateau and the Ridge and Valley Province area in Pennsylvania. The nearly 6,000 acre park also includes Joseph Foster Sayers Reservoir. This is a large lake is formed by a dam and is the hub of water recreation at Bald Eagle State Park.

The lake is a great place to enjoy boating and fishing. Warm water fish thrive in the lake, and the large amount of shoreline lends itself to plenty of areas to start fishing. Catfish, bass, and many more species of fish are available during designated seasons. Pennsylvania fishing regulations apply. There are handicapped fishing areas as well so that people with disabilities can enjoy the activity. During winter months, ice fishing is popular at Bald Eagle State Park. Ice conditions are not monitored by the park, so for your own safety it is important to make sure the ice is thick enough to support your weight.

If you want to enjoy boating, the Joseph Foster Sayers Reservoir is perfect for it. Unlike many state parks, gas powered motors are permitted on the lake. There are speed limits and designated traffic patterns, but you can take any boat out there as long as it meets the park’s exhaust emission regulations. Boats must be properly registered and that registration must be shown at all times. You can also take a sailboat or rowboat out on the lake. There is plenty of room to support a lot of boats due to the large size of the lake. Bald Eagle State Park also features a marina that includes lots of docking stations. Boat launch areas are designated as well. There are six such areas in the park. During certain hours, swimming is permitted in parts of the lake. There is even a beach where people can relax. You can also enjoy one of several picnic areas that include tables, grills, and restrooms. Spending the day at the lake is a great option for a summer day.

Hunting is available at Bald Eagle State Park. Deer, duck, and turkey are the most popular game available to hunt in designated seasons. Not all areas of the park are available to hunt in but those areas are clearly marked. All Pennsylvania hunting and gun regulations apply in the park. Also, dog training is available in certain areas of the park.

Hiking and camping are also extremely popular at Bald Eagle State Park. There are a variety of hiking trails designed to showcase the natural beauty of the park. Different trails offer different levels of physical toughness. This enables you to decide if you want a good workout or if you simply want to enjoy a walk through the woods. Each hiking trail is clearly marked according to their length and difficulty. Camping is also all over the place. There are almost a hundred campsites as well as cottages, cabins, and yurts. Camping areas include bathrooms and showers. Waste disposal areas are also available. Other amenities at Bald Eagle State Park include volleyball courts and an amphitheatre. Camping areas permit cars, trucks, and RVs. There are also areas designed for simple tent setup.

During winter months, the park offers a variety of options. If the ice is safe, you can ice sake on the lake. You can also enjoy cross country skiing on certain trails and sledding in designated areas. Snowfall is common in the area during winter, so you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy these activities.

Bald Eagle State Park is open year round and offers activities for outdoorsmen as well as people just looking to relax. There is a great deal of wildlife at the park, making activities like bird watching especially fun. The park can point you in the direction of the best areas to enjoy nature and wildlife. Educational seminars are also available. You also might want to check out the exhibit about Sayers, who was a World War II hero. Bald Eagle State Park is a great way to experience the Pennsylvania wilderness in all its natural splendor.