French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

French Creek State Park is one of the hidden gems in Pennsylvania. The park is located in the southeastern part of the state, not far from Philadelphia and other major areas. It is named for the creek that runs along parts of Chester County and Berks County. This great park has a lot of things that can entertain even the most avid outdoorsman for a whole day and then some.

There are two lakes within the park. These lakes are called Hopewell Lake and Scotts Run Lake. These lakes allow visitors to take part in variety of activities including boating and fishing. Gas powered boats are prohibited in French Creek State Park, however you can take part in sailing and rowing. Also, electric motored boats are permitted as long as they are properly registered. Boat rentals can be made through the park office. In addition, fishing is readily available in the lakes and the creek itself. Bass and trout are plentiful in the park. In fact, the state record for a smallmouth bass was caught in Scotts Run Lake. Cold water fish are common in Scotts Run while Hopewell lends itself to warmer weather species including more bass and pan fish. Hopewell is a state designated big bass lake. Both lakes follow state regulated fishing guidelines, including licenses and specific seasons. Swimming in the lakes is prohibited, however there is a swimming pool opened in season.

Hunting is also popular at French Creek State Park. The park has over 5,000 acres of available space for hunting and trapping. Seasonal hunting includes deer, rabbit, pheasant, and turkey. Hunting of some species is prohibited. Like fishing, strict adherence to Pennsylvania guidelines is essential. The park has clearly defined guidelines regarding guns which must be followed at all times. The park includes several areas where hunting is not allowed.

If hunting and fishing isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the park. There are a variety of trails available for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The biking trails are over twenty miles long and will take you throughout the park. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery while getting exercise. Many people run on the trails as well. For horseback riding, there are designated trails that run through parts of the park. Horses are only permitted on these trails so make sure you pay attention to the postings. For hiking, there are miles of trails that cover nearly the entire park. Different trails at French Creek State Park offer different things. You can go on trails that offer more exercise opportunity or go on trails designed to help you view nature in the park.

Camping is also available at the park. There are designated areas for parking and RVs. The park features regular bathrooms that include showers as well as waste disposal areas. Some areas even include electricity. If you prefer, you can rent a cottage for your camping experience also. These cottages include comfortable amenities as well as providing you a real camping experience. Cabins and organized tents are available for renting too. The park has no shortage of space to enjoy camping.

Aside from these great activities, French Creek State Park also has other activities. There is a Frisbee golf course in the park that goes through wooded and open areas. Frisbee golf is a truly fun activity that you and your friends or family can enjoy at any time. There is no cost to play. You can even get a scorecard at the office. You can also enjoy orienteering at French Creek State Park. Orienteering is an activity that requires a lot of map and compass reading. French Creek is famous for this activity. You have to find certain objects using only a map and you can do so individually or in a group. It is a great way to learn about the park while getting some exercise.

Clearly, French Creek State Park offers a lot to do. The location is very convenient. It’s a great place to just go and have lunch or throw a football around. If you’re really in to outdoor activity, French Creek has it all. If you’re an expert or just getting started, you will find something at the park that will make you happy.