Milton State Park in Pennsylvania

Milton State Park is a wonderful park located in the central part of Pennsylvania. It is located in Union County of Route 642. The park is basically divided in to two parts. One part is mainly for daily recreational use while the other is geared toward hiking and wildlife watching. The park is fairly small in size but still offers a lot of enjoyment for visitors. Here are some of the great activities available in Milton State Park.

Milton State Park has many fields available for sports and games. There are softball fields and soccer fields already laid out in the park. That makes Milton State Park a great destination for intramural leagues as well as a place for people to play a friendly game. The fields are open to both the public and local leagues. If you want to just go to the park to play around, you might want to check with the office before arriving. During league events the fields can become busy.

The West Branch Susquehanna River runs in the park. This river lends itself to boating and fishing. For boating, motored boats are allowed however all registration must be displayed. There is a single boat launch located near the east side of the park. Since the available space is a river and not a like, the depth varies from season to season. Large boats are generally not permitted due to insufficient water depth. Sailboats and rowboats are also permitted. Kayaks and canoes are very popular in Milton State Park. People can park nearby and simply drop a kayak in the water and enjoy time in the water. Boats without motors must have proper registration or state park permits.

Bass and catfish are plentiful in the water. Milton State Park has fishing for all seasons, so warm and cold water species are present at various times. There are plenty of great fishing spots around the island. As with any state park in Pennsylvania, there are rules and regulations regarding which fish can be caught in which season. Permits are also required. Hunting is not designated in Milton State Park.

Hiking and picnicking are also popular. Since the park is small, it doesn’t have the vast system of trails that many other parks have. However, there is still a designated trail that allows you to explore all the park has to offer, including wildlife and nature viewing. The trail is not too physically invigorating but you can still get a good workout by walking it. There are picnic tables and charcoal grills that you can use as well. You can bring food in to the park to cook on the grill and enjoy a nice outdoor meal. Bathrooms are available during the warm weather seasons.

Milton State Park is not as large as most state parks. As a result, there aren’t as many activities. The park has fixed hours and doesn’t permit a lot of things that other parks do. However, there is a lot of natural beauty. You can spend a great day there hiking, fishing, and picnicking. There is a lot of nature and wildlife you can see also. The river is beautiful as well. The recreation fields at a unique element to the park as well. If you have any questions about the park and what is allowed it is best to contact the park office. The park is accessible to the disabled and is a great place to take your family for a cheap and relaxing day.