Pennsylvania – Tyler State Park

Pennsylvania’s Tyler State Park is located in Bucks County on the Eastern end of the state. It sits on 1,711 acres of farmland. The Neshaminy Creek is one of the centerpieces of the park and it helps to geographically divide the park into several different parts.

Living History

Tyler State Park is full of Pennsylvania history, specifically farm history. There are many original buildings still standing on the Park grounds from the 1770s. There are date plaques on many of the stone buildings and other structures located throughout the park. The park is maintained using funds from the Land and Water Reclamation Act which helps to open and fund State Parks across the country.

Working Farmland

About one fourth of Tyler State Park is leased to farmers who use it as farmland. This is a tradition that has continued for three centuries. There are a number of crops planted on the land including native grasses, winter wheat, hay, corn and other grains that are native to Pennsylvania.

Winter Activities

During the winter, park visitors enjoy a number of winter activities including sledding and ice skating. While there is no formal ice rink, the creek is known to freeze and there is an area near the park’s boathouse where skating is permitted. Ice fishing is also permitted anywhere that ice skating is not. It is important to note that the thickness of the ice is not officially monitored by park officials and this is the responsibility of park guests.

Cross country skiing is a great activity in Tyler State Park. There are many trails for horses and bikes that are snow covered and accessible during the winter months.

Picnic Areas

During the warmer months, there are many picnic areas that visitors can enjoy. There are children’s play areas near most of these areas and they provide a good place to spend an afternoon. There are also reservable picnic groves that have additional activity areas including sand volleyball, horseshoes, softball fields, etc.

Hiking, Biking and Horses

If you enjoy trail exploring on foot, on a bicycle or on horseback, then Tyler State Park is a great place for you. There are many winding trails that are open year round and they stretch a total of over twenty miles for exploration within the park. There are specific trails for horses and bikes, but hikers are welcome on any of the trails located inside of the park.

Educational Programs

Throughout the year, Tyler State Park is pleased to work with local schools to provide ecological and environmental education programs for children and adults. There are many learning opportunities available. One of the popular courses offered for high school students introduces the topic of deer management within PA and enables them to engage in a debate while learning about the techniques used to control the deer population in the state.