Boulder Beach State Park where Cool Mountain Lake Meets White Sand Beach

Boulder Beach State Park in Groton, Vermont is a charming facility for outdoor exercise, fun and relaxation. Situated on the northeastern banks of Lake Groton it is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day with cross-country skiing in the winter. There are 75 shaded picnic areas with tables, hibachis for barbequing, and flush toilets near by. The 200 feet of beach is near the picnic area for swimming, boating and fishing. There is also a children’s playground and snack bar.

Groton Lake is part of the Groton State Forest which is 26,000 acres and the second largest protected place in Vermont. The wildlife includes moose, beaver, black bears, mink, loons, herons and otters in the many lakes, rivers, creeks and bogs in the forest. To reach the Boulder Beach State Park go 2 miles west on U.S. 302 to Vt. 232, and then go NW 6 miles to Boulder Beach Road. The park is 2 miles east on Boulder Beach Road. The phone number of the park is 802 584 3823.

In Groton State Forest, a rugged area, there are many recreational opportunities. A trail system open all year-round in the forest connects the major points of interest. The Peacham Bog Natural Area is 748 acres and one of the largest bogs in Vermont with many unusual and interesting animals and plants. Owls Head Mountain can be reached by trail is a place for spectacular panoramic views of the forest.

Boulder Beach has long been a place for recreation. In the 1873 the railroad was completed and day trippers started visiting Groton Lake for July 4th and Labor Day celebrations. The forest had some hard times in the past with logging in the 1920’s and forest fires. Today, the second growth forest is being managed by the Department of Forests, parks and Recreation to be a sustainable place for wildlife, water, recreation and wood products.

Boulder Beach State Park has temperatures in the high 70’s during the day in the summer and in the 50’s in the night. It rains mainly in August and is dry in February. In the winter the days are a cool 20 and in the nights it hovers around 0. Cross country skiing is permitted in the winter but the facilities are closed, so skiers need to walk around the entrance gate to the park.

Boulder Beach State Park is open from 10 am to 9 pm or whenever is the official time for sundown, but there are five campgrounds near the beach where visitors can stay and visit the beach and lake during the day. Stillwater Campground and Big Deer Campground are one mile from the beach. Ricker Campground is two miles away, and New Discovery Campground is three miles away. Larry and Sons Campground is six miles away. There are also rivers near Boulder Beach State Park where visitors can whitewater raft. Joe’s Brook River, Wells River, Waits River and Winooski River. There are places for large groups at the beach, so some can sit near the water and swim or relax while others participate in the more adventurous activities near the park.

There are clean, inexpensive hotels around 17 miles from Boulder Beach for those who want to enjoy the beach but would rather not camp.