Emerald Lake State Park in Vermont

Emerald Lake State Park is a wooded and grassy park that surrounds a twenty acre lake. The park is located near Manchester, not far from several tourist attractions. The lake in the park is named because of its green waters. The lake is famous for its cleanliness and is inviting to swimmers as well as boaters and fishers. This is a beautiful place that brings a lot of charm to the Vermont state parks system. It is welcome to campers as well as daytime visitors. The seasonal park is open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.

Emerald Lake is the main area in the park. There is a nice beach area where people can relax while between swimming sessions. The water is very clean and safe for children. Swimmers are frequently seeing playing a wide variety of water based games. The beach contains changing areas and a snack bar. In addition, you can rent pedal boats to take out on the lake. Motorized boats are not permitted at Emerald Lake State Park, but you can still enjoy the area if you are a boating fan. Canoes, kayaks, and row boats are allowed in the lake. If you prefer, you can rent these at the park. Canoeing is a great way to circle around the large lake and look around the trees that spread across the shoreline. Fishing is also plentiful at Emerald Lake. You can fish along the shoreline or out in the water on a rowboat. The summer season brings an abundance of fish species in the lake.

Camping is a very popular summer activity at this park. There are over sixty different campsites. Some feature amenities like running water, toilets, and showers. Other campsites offer a more rustic appeal. The campsites are located above the lake in the wooded and grassy areas of Emerald Lake State Park. For families, camping near the bathroom facilities might be more ideal. If you want to really experience the outdoors, consider one of the other camping areas. There are plenty of open areas to play games while camping. You can also enjoy several picnic areas. There are some areas that feature grills and tables close to the campsites. There are also picnic tables around the lake. Large picnic areas can be rented for group functions like parties or reunions.

Hiking is a popular attraction here as well. There is a lot of natural wilderness to explore where you can enjoy glimpses of animals and plants. You can also get nice overhead views of the lake. The trails vary in physical difficulty. Some require steep walks so it is best to check out the maps before going out on a trail. The trails at Emerald Lake State Park are well maintained and designed to let you explore the nature the park offers. There is also a nature center if you want to further understand the area around you. If you are in to history, there is a lot of it here. When you are out exploring you will run in to various remnants of old quarry facilities. You can see the remains of a plant as well several pits that were used during the operational period. There is also a small cemetery on one of the hills. This is a great thing to check out if you want to feel the historical connection of Emerald Lake State Park.

The park follows pretty standard park policies and procedures. Camping is open to the public and you can stay for various lengths of time. This is a park famous for truly natural camping where you don’t have modern comforts like electricity. Camping also gives you more time to explore the great trails in the park. If you just want to visit for the day and spend time fishing and swimming at the lake, there are hotels not far away in Manchester. Information about Emerald Lake State Park is available by calling the main office at 802-362-1655. This is a great place to enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty and wildlife while enjoying many activities.