Guide to Little River State Park in Vermont

Located in Waterbury, Vermont, Little River State Park is one of the best tourist destinations in the state. It is on the shore of Waterbury Reservoir, a large body of water that allows visitors to boat, swim, and fish. The park has a rich history to go along with its natural beauty. Little River State Park has all of the activities you would expect at a great state park. It is located near many great tourist attractions including the Ben and Jerry’s factory and the Alpine Slide. If you want a great day outdoors you can’t do much better than this great park.

The Waterbury Reservoir is the big attraction at Little River State Park. If you like fishing, there is a large number of bass, trout, and other species that you can catch. There are tons of areas surrounding the reservoir where you can set up and spend the day fishing. If you prefer, you can take a boat out to fish as well. There is an accessible boat launch to help you get any boat in to the water. Recreational boating is also popular here. You can canoe, kayak, or sail. You can also water ski around the reservoir. If you do not have a boat, you can rent one at any number of nearby places as well as the park itself. The reservoir also has swimming areas complete with beaches. These areas include changing rooms and refreshment stands. If you want to experience the reservoir in a more peaceful manner you can do that as well. Certain areas are designated for quiet activities.

Camping is also available at Little River State Park. In fact, most of the park is a camping area. The park is home the largest campground in the central part of the state. There are over eighty sites for tents and trailers. In addition, fully functioning cabins are available to rent. The campgrounds include picnic areas with tables and grills, bathrooms with showers, playgrounds, open fields for recreational sports like baseball and soccer, beaches, and nature trails. It is a great camping ground with plenty to keep children entertained. There is also a nature museum in the camping area that is full of educational exhibits about the natural history of the park. Waste areas are also available around the campgrounds to ensure that trash is properly removed.

Little River State Park has many great trails for walking and mountain biking. The hiking trails offer a variety of physical intensity levels. It’s a chance for you to get some great exercise in while you enjoy the outdoors. The mountain bike trails are miles long and take you through wooded and open areas. There are self guided trails that help educate you about nature as well as the history of the park. These trails are a great way to learn while looking at all the park has to offer. The park was once home to a large community full of buildings that deteriorated over time. Visitors can see old foundations and chimneys that were once part of that community. There are areas that offer the best chance to catch glimpses of wildlife in the park though you will see animals no matter where you go.

Little River State Park is a seasonal park that is open from early May until Columbus Day. Being located close to so many attractions in Vermont has made the park a great place for visitors to relax. Between swimming, fishing, camping, and boating there are is a lot to do at the park. Camping there gives you the opportunity to get the most out of what the park has to offer. However, you can also use the park for daytime functions only. The trails are fantastic. The forest areas are full of plants and animals that provide the park with a natural beauty that blends well with all of the activities that take place on the water. If you enjoy hiking, you will be very impressed with that this park has to offer. For information about reservations, rentals, or park policies you can contact Little River State Park at 802-244-7103.