A True Gem In Alabama: DeSoto State Park

Alabama is known nationwide as one of the more naturally beautiful areas of the United States.  From camping to hiking and more, outdoor recreation is plentiful in the state of Alabama.  Some of the best opportunities to take advantage of the outdoor recreational options are available through the state parks in the area.  Of these options, few can outshine the natural beauty and outdoor activities available at DeSoto State Park.

DeSoto State Park has unique lodging accommodations available that travelers can take advantage of including not only camping opportunities, but also a resort lodge, cabins and chalets.  With these types of accommodations, the state park has the ability to cater to people who are not normally able or willing to get out in the outdoors.  DeSoto State Park has the unique ability of being a first class destination for those seeking either a camping or resort experience.

When it comes to activities that are available in and around the DeSoto State Park area, the options are almost limitless.  Swimming is available in both an indoor Olympic size pool as well as a lagoon area above the waterfall and dam on the hillside overlooking the resort area.  Mountain biking is also available in the park with a loop trail over three miles in length.  Hiking is easily one of the most popular activities at DeSoto State Park.  The park is home to over fifteen miles of hiking trails, including the famous and unique Azalea Cascade Boardwalk Trail.

Within the boundaries of the park there are numerous waterfalls, including the famous DeSoto Falls which are one of the most photographed features in the area.  Access to many of the waterfalls is available through the extensive network of hiking trails.  Some are located just off the roadway though and can be viewed by even the most casual visitor to the park.

DeSoto State Park has the unique ability to provide a fun and relaxing experience to a wide variety of travelers.  Those seeking a tranquil and relaxing vacation will love the scenery and accommodations available there.  At the same time, anyone looking for a nice camping opportunity with a great deal of outdoor recreational opportunities can also have the type of vacation that creates memories that last a lifetime there.  It would be extremely difficult for DeSoto State Park to disappoint any visitor that was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time there.