Alabama – Buck’s Pocket State Park

Beautiful Buck’s Pocket State Park is the home of much history. There’s a local legend that tells of defeated public officials retreating to Buck’s after a hard-fought but failed election. People planning a visit to the park should find that the 2,000 acres of Buck’s Pocket has plenty of adventure and memories to offer them. It’s one of the more secluded parks of the world, with picnic areas, camping grounds, and a stunning view of the great outdoors.

The campgrounds of Buck’s Pocket are one of its more impressive features. Visitors are treated to playgrounds, hiking trails, picnic shelters, grills, and plenty of picnic tables to make a family gathering more than hospitable and memorable. It’s a good time for the whole family to gather around and enjoy the natural beauty of Buck’s Pocket.

Visitors to the park in the past have reported exceptional camping experiences. Those experiences have been enhanced in recent years because of the renovations of the campsites. In total, there are 36 campsites to be enjoyed at Buck’s Pocket. Of these campsites, all have water and electricity available for campers, while four have sewers.

A recent addition to the camping experience is the ability of guests to rent campers for their stay. This means that even people that don’t own a camper can enjoy the experience of camping in one at Buck’s Pocket. These campers come with a refrigerator, sink, stove, and microwave for the comfort of guests. Please be aware that these campers are non-smoking. The park prefers to keep their campers free of smoke for those that are sensitive to it or for those that don’t want to be exposed to secondhand smoke. It keeps the campers clean and in good condition and prevents fire hazards to campers. It’s something that the park is happy to offer their visitors.

For those that aren’t interested in braving the great outdoors like seasoned pioneers, there’s no need to worry. There is free wireless Internet access at five different campsites and in the park office. People that aren’t ready to leave civilization behind for the great outdoors will enjoy this amenity. It’s a good thing for most people to mix the wild outdoors with the relative safety of the park office or camper where a nice wireless Internet session can be enjoyed. Keep in mind that only 5 campsites offer wireless Internet, so if it’s your preference then you must request one of these five campsites.

The hiking trails of Buck’s is another of its many captivating features. Visitors are greeted with 20 miles of beautiful trails to explore. Some of the trails are as long as 6 miles, giving everyone the chance to really enjoy their hike. Horseback trails are available too. The people that have visited the park in the past have wonderful memories of the many experiences they’ve had on the beautiful hiking trails of Buck’s Pocket. The scenery is breathtaking and the plant life on the trails are diverse. The views from the park are particularly memorable as well. It’s one of the reasons that most visitors return to Buck’s more than once to experience the excitement of the walking trails and the great exercise they provide.

The wildlife and natural scenery of these trails will give guests something to remember forever. Previous visitors highly recommend the view around South Sauty Creek. Waterfowl in that area is said to be breathtaking and people will enjoy the great blue herons that populate the area. Bald eagles are known to visit the general vicinity of the area as well.

Fishing and hunting are another part of life at Buck’s Pocket. Morgan’s Cove on Lake Guntersville has boat ramps for guests to use. Many people enjoy hunting but others love the fishing that is available at Buck’s. It’s some of the best fishing to be found in any state park and the environment is so relaxing that it’s easy to spend a whole day taking it all in.

Buck’s Pocket State park is a fine representation of the park system of Alabama. People that visit almost always recommend it to their friends and family.

Contact Information for Buck’s Pocket State Park

393 Co. Rd. 174
Grove Oak, AL 35975
256-659-2000 (fax)