Alabama-Cathedral Caverns

Cathedral Caverns in Alabama is a beautiful state park that has much to offer in terms of breathtaking sights and activities. The Cathedral Caverns are caves in the northern part of Alabama that feature a large forest of stalagmite formations. The cave is known for its large opening, which measures 25 feet in height. It is also known for several other superlatives and natural wonders and curiosities, including its 32-foot-high flow stone wall, its 45-foot-tall inner column, known as “Goliath”, thought to be billions of years old, and its bizarre stalagmite formation that forms a 45-degree angle and stretches to the roof.

Camping enthusiasts will enjoy the park’s camping facilities. Tent camping is available at various sites, and the facilities also provide a spigot for water for community use in addition to portable lavatories. Visitors should be aware that the camping facilities do not provide electricity.

Those who want to tour the caverns can do so with a tour guide. The caverns have walkways for pedestrians who want to explore the insides. These walkways are stable and concrete and handicap-accessible. This makes it easy for anyone to explore the caves. However, it is important that visitors who want to tour Cathedral Caverns only do so with an experienced guide.

People who want to learn more about some of the cave’s inner treasures can opt to explore the cave’s gemstone mine. This activity is suitable for both children and adults. Participants can purchase a bag of dirt from the mine, which holds several gems that can be kept and collected. Participants can sift through the dirt the way that people used to pan for gold, by running water over the dirt until the gems reveal themselves. The park also has a display so that participants can identify the gems they’ve found. This is a memorable activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Another of the activities to enjoy at this state park is Tom Sawyer Day, which is held to commemorate the filming of one of the scenes of the movie Tom and Huck at the caverns, a Walt Disney interpretation of a classic Mark Twain story. This is a family-centered event that will offer children plenty of things to do, including exhibits, music, and stories. Families are encouraged to bring picnics to this event and just enjoy the day.

Anyone who wants to purchase souvenirs from their visit to the caverns would benefit from a visit to the state park’s gift shop. This shop not only sells gifts and souvenirs, but also provides restrooms, refreshments, and park information. Visitors to the park may want to stop at this gift shop first to learn all about the park’s available amenities and activities before venturing out to explore.

There are many beautiful things to see at Cathedral Caverns, which are so named because they contain the majesty and splendor of a cathedral. Big Rock Canyon is found inside the caverns, and it awes many visitors who pass through. Visitors are also awed by Stalagmite Mountain and the cavern’s Frozen Waterfall. Also found within the cavern is the beautiful Mystery River.

To find out more about Cathedral Caverns, call the park office at (256) 728-8193 or visit their site at