Alabama – Chickasaw State Park

Located midway between Tuscaloosa and Mobile Alabama, Chickasaw State Park rambles over 520 acres of Alabama woodland. The park has paved roads running through it, with areas designed for afternoon picnics as well as areas for overnight camping trips. Chickasaw State Park is one of the few national parks designed specifically for physically disabled individuals to enjoy the same outdoor experiences as everyone else. Nearby hunting areas are maintained by the state and open to all licensed hunters during each season.

Hiking Trails

The Chickasaw State Park is crisscrossed with several different hiking trails. Hikers of all experience levels will be able to enjoy traveling deep into the Alabama woods. Bird lovers will find several species of Alabama birds to photograph or watch in their natural habitat. Anyone who enjoys nature will appreciate the opportunity to escape along the hiking paths until there are no longer any signs of civilization. As the seasons change, the scenery on the paths change as well. Spring is a vibrant time of green growth, while autumn brings an incredible variety of colors as the leaves slowly change and fall.

Family Friendly Activities

The park includes facilities for children as well as adults. Built-in playgrounds with swingsets and slides will keep the little ones busy while a picnic lunch is being cooked on a nearby open grill. Shorter hiking trails are an ideal way for parents to guide their little ones through the woods without any worries of getting lost or too tired. Large areas of open grass are also available between camp sites so that families can enjoy games like football or baseball. A wading pool located within the park is a great place to cool off on hot Alabama summer days.

Grilling Facilities

Chickasaw State Park is well appointed for grilling, whether you plan to stay for a day or a week. You can camp near one of the public grills and cook breakfast, lunch and dinner without needing to build a free-standing campfire. The grills work best with regular charcoal, but it is recommended that aluminum foil be used on the cooking surface to make sure that everything stays clean. Since the grill tops are open to the air, dust and dirt can collect on the cooking surface over time. Campers and picnickers need to make sure that all cooking fires are completely extinguished before leaving a campsite.

Tent or Motor Camping

The park offers different types of camping facilities for people who are interested in different types of vacations. The camp sites nearer the road are better designed for day trips and group picnics than overnight stays. Camp sites that are set back further into the woods are ideal for a one or two night camping trip. Chickasaw State Park can accommodate campers who prefer to sleep in traditional tents as well as those who like to enjoy the comfort of a motorized recreational vehicle.

Access to Modern Hunting Facility

Just next to the Chickasaw State Park is a state of the art hunting facility. The facility is owned and operated by the state of Alabama. It is convenient to stay in the Chickasaw State Park at night and spend the days hunting next door. The most popular season for the park is turkey season. Hunters can enjoy pre-season hiking to stake out the best spots for their return trip during turkey season, or just wait until the season is open to make their trip through the park. Each hunter must own a valid Alabama hunting license in order to enter the hunting facility.

Unique Physically Disabled Hunting Area

Chickasaw State Park is home to one of the few physically disabled hunting areas in the United States. This hunting facility has a special trail designed for wheelchairs to easily traverse the woods, with special blinds for both deer and turkey season. There are also fishing and target shooting facilities specially designed to accommodate disabled individuals. All disabled hunters need to have the proper license in order to fish or hunt in the preserve. Disabled hunters do not need to make any prior arrangements or reservations to hunt or fish on this property. All hunters are responsible for understanding and following Alabama hunting regulations.