Bladon Springs State Park

Bladon Springs State Park is located in Choctaw County, Alabama and is centered around four mineral springs. The 357-acre park offers campsites and shelters perfect for a family outing at anytime of the day or night. The beauty and history of the Bladon Springs State Park make it a perfect stop for any cross country or even cross state traveler.

Bladon Springs State Park opened as a spa in 1838 with people flocking from all over the United States seeking to relax and be cured by the mineral springs of Alabama. The springs contain sulfur, iron, magnesium, and calcium all of which where thought to have curing properties. In 1846 a Greek Revival style mansion was built on the grounds of the spa. The mansion could accommodate up to 200 guests which made it one of the largest wooden hotels in Alabama. The spa remained open throughout the Civil War until the idea of mineral springs being a curing spa treatment wore off around the turn of the century. The state of Alabama purchased the property in 1934 and turned the land into a state park.

After the state took over the land the largest wooden hotel in Alabama was used as apartments for state employees until the hotel burned down in 1938. The 100 plus cottages that once scattered the grounds where eventually all demolished. In 1960 the only structure left on the grounds as a symbol to the parks grandiose past was the pavilion over the main spring. Even the pavilion has come down and now the only reminders of the once grand spa are the springs themselves.

Camping is offered at Bladon Springs State Park. There are 10 campsites all equipped with water, electricity, sewer connections, a picnic table and grill. These modern campsites offer beautiful views nestled in the trees. The campsites at Bladon Springs are geared more for recreational vehicles than for tent camping.

Bladon Springs is the perfect stop for recreational vehicle travelers between Mississippi and Georgia. Located just off of Highway 12 near the western border of Alabama. State parks are inexpensive places to stop for a night while seeing the country.

For the family picnic Bladon Springs State Park offers picnic tables throughout the park. Group pavilions are also available for rent for larger gatherings. There is also a playground available for children and even for those who just think they are children.

The Sulfur Water Springs may not be the curing agent they where once believed to be but they might just be the cure for a long week. The beautiful springs make the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day or weekend with the family.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Alabama State Parks, including Bladon Springs State Park, opened its campsites up free of charge for evacuees. Thankfully the parks of Alabama had been spared the ravaging effects of Katrina unlike when Hurricane Ivan made landfall in Alabama in 2004. The approximate 2,500 campsites offered temporary shelter for around 6,000 evacuees according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.