Arkansas – Devil’s Den State Park

Arkansas - Devil's Den State ParkOne of Arkansas’s biggest attractions is the Devil’s Den State Park. This is an outdoor lover’s dreamland. There are other state parks in the state of Arkansas, but this is the premier park for people that are looking for a variety of activities all within the confines of one location.

Devil’s Den State Park is the center attraction of Lee Creek Valley, and this gives campers and hikers an excellent opportunity to view the beautiful Ozark Mountains that are along these trails. It’s a perfect getaway for campers that like to view lovely scenery while they are outdoors. There are more than 143 sites available on the grounds, and campers are allowed to stay for up to 14 days during a 30 day period. This gives anyone that visits an extended amount of time to take in all of the features that this beautiful state park has to offer.

Cabins are also available throughout the year. These are fully equipped cabins with great amenities for those that are looking for a nice getaway. There are one and two bedroom cabins. There are even cabins with spas that add an elevated level of comfort during your stay. The cabins are very spacious, and they can accommodate up to as many as 8 occupants. The patios come equipped with barbeque grills and picnic tables that allow you enjoy the fresh air and take in the scenery of these grounds.

The trails for the Devil’s Den are abundant. People that interested in hiking have several options. They have the ability to choose easy, moderate, and strenuous hiking trails. Hikers that are seeking a workout can choose the more strenuous trails that are available. The Butterfield Trail is the perfect destination for hikers that are looking for a nice lengthy path. The Butterfield Trails is 15 miles long.

The Butterfield Trail is one of the longer trails, but there are also 7 and 8 mile trails do not require the same amount of stamina. Hikers that are interested in trail that requires less vigor will find enjoyment in the Yellow Rock or Fossil Flats trails. There is also a self- guided Devil Den trail. This is a rocky trail that offers a challenge to those that are interested in biking. Hikers also have the opportunity to experience the best in hiking with some of these beautiful trails that loop, bend, and curve along Lee Creek.

There are also easy trails that the entire family can experience. The type of trail variety gives campers and hikers the ability to do a combination of different things. You can go hiking with your backpack on one trail while another may serve as a great biking trail. There are also specified trails that allow guests to ride horses.

The Devil’s Den State Park is a great site for hiking, but there are also other adventures for people that like to take their recreational activities to the water. There are spots for canoe rentals, water bikes, kayaks, and pedal boats. The park offers an impressive range of water-based activities for those that are interested in experiencing various group activities.

It’s a limitless abundance of outdoor fun for those that are want to engage in activities, but there are also gorgeous spots for people that enjoy simplified activities like fishing. There are even lake tours that you can obtain by reservation. This gives spectators a chance to view wildlife and the outdoor beauty of the lakes areas.

Groups with a variety of different interests will find that there’s something to appease everyone. The grounds are spacious, and the scenery is magnificent. Campers, hikers, trail walkers, water bike riders, and fishermen will find exactly what they are looking for and more down in the valley of Lee Creek. There are added attractions like caves for those that are fascinated with the concept of discovery during their time of recreation.

Individuals that are considering this destination should visit the website,, for more information. Outdoor enthusiasts can also call 479-761-3325 to inquire about reservations. People that are on their way to the destination call use the following address for their personal navigation systems: 11333 West Arkansas Highway 74, West Fork, AR 72774.