Consider Cane Creek State Park for Your Outdoor Adventure

Arkansas - Cane Creek State ParkWhen you first think of the state of Arkansas, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking through thick woods are probably not activities that come to mind. However, if you are planning a vacation to Arkansas and you love the outdoors, you may wish to visit Cane Creek State Park. Here, you can find the above mentioned activities along with so much more! Although, Arkansas is mostly made up of flat land that is part of the Mississippi Delta, the southeast portion of the state, where Cane Creek State Park is located, is different.

The park is made up of about 95% hickory, oak and pine forests that is mostly natural, without much pavement and barely enough brush trimmed away for picnic areas and camping sites. Of course, the point here is to become one with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 2,053 acres make up Cane Creek State Park; 1,675 of this acreage being a lake that is well known for great fishing.

If hiking is your great outdoor pleasure, you have come to the right place. There is a 2.5 mile hiking trail that leads you along the edge of the Delta where you will be able to view mazes of never-ending creeks that run all along the forest’s edge. After winding along the Delta, the trail suddenly makes a turn and you are face to face with the magnificent lake that makes up almost the entire park. Here, at Cane Creek State Park, you are able to view two completely different geological regions in the same hike. This is, perhaps, what makes this park so different and unique from most state parks.

In 1973, the creation of Cane Creek State Park, along with the recreational lake, began with acquiring the land to begin the project. 10 years later, in 1983, construction began on the lake. A 4.75 mile long levee was built to dam up Cane Creek. After this, Cane Creek Lake was filled with water and fish in 1986 and ready for fishing only one year later. Once the lake was completed, it was time to begin developing the park in 1990.

May 18, 1992 was the grand opening day for Cane Creek State Park. It opened with 30 on-site camping spots, two pavilions that are screened, bathrooms, areas for picnicking, 2 piers on the lake for fishing and a paved boat launch. An employee at the park described it as being one of the best places in the state to view wildlife. He also described it as very peaceful and quiet.

Of course, because of the lake, fishing is typically one of the main things that bring visitors to Cane Creek State Park. Even though fishing is a big part, we cannot forget everything else the park has to offer. In 2000, Cane Creek began renting out kayaks to explore the lake and the bayou. If you are not familiar with the area, there are also available guides so you will not miss anything. The kayaks that are rented out are beginner-style and suit people of all ages. By renting a kayak, you will get a closer look at the wildlife and plant life that thrive in this region. Visitors that rent kayaks will typically see animals such as the American alligator, the osprey and sometimes, even a bald eagle.

Kayaking is still not all you can do at Cane Creek State Park. If you are not really a water person, there are also tour guides that will take you on hikes to see the Delta and the forests. There are even guided bird tours. Astronomy programs and workshops on camping tips are some of the other unique things offered here.

Although, Cane Creek still remains one of Arkansas’s greatest secrets, it is gaining more popularity. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and are looking for a peaceful weekend with nature, Cane Creek State Park might be a great place to get away from it all and just be one with nature. If you would like more information on the park, please visit or call 1-888-AT-PARKS. Reserve your camping spot today!