Dip into the Fun at the Arkansas Hot Springs National Park

Visitors have many choices when planning their national park getaway, but the Hot Springs national park in Arkansas has a number of unique features that make it a perfect destination for people of all ages.  The most famous feature of this park is of course the hot springs from which it takes its name, but there is more to this natural wonder than just invigorating water.

Even so, it is the famous hot springs that draw visitors from around the state, around the country and indeed around the world.  For centuries these natural hot springs were thought to have healing properties, and people from all walks of life would flock to the region in search of natural cures for all manner of ailment.  In fact the hot springs and the baths they helped create were so popular that an entire town was built around them.  The city of Hot Springs Arkansas remains a favorite for visitors to the state, with the national park of the same name located around the north end of town.

The national park itself offers a wealth of things to see and do throughout the year.  And the fact that the park offers both indoor and outdoor activities for children and adults makes it a perfect getaway no matter what the season.

Visitors can enjoy a taste of history as they explore the famous Fordyce Bathhouse.  This famous bathhouse has a long and storied history, and the experienced and knowledgeable guides at the park are eager to provide newcomers with a wealth of information about its past and its present.

Hot Springs national park also offers plenty of opportunities for both new and experienced hikers.  With some 26 miles of trails winding throughout the park visitors are sure to find a hike that meets their needs.  From easy beginner trails to more challenging trails featuring difficult terrain and changing conditions, Hot Springs national park is a hiker’s dream come true.

After that grueling hike, visitors can enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch at one of the many scenic spots in the park.  The beautiful Gulpha Creek is a particularly lovely spot to enjoy a casual picnic lunch, and many families have made a tradition of dining in the great outdoors in this breathtaking park.

The mountain location of Hot Springs national park makes it a particularly beautiful place, and the surrounding area is an especially great place for a slow and leisurely scenic drive. The mountain roads surrounding the park as known for their natural beauty, and drivers come from miles around just to enjoy them.

Those who want to test the healing powers of the famous Arkansas hot springs may want to pay a visit to Buckstaff Baths.  Here, visitors can enjoy a long and relaxing bath in the famous hot springs – just like visitors did many decades ago.  The bathhouse has been in