Bellevue State Park

Delaware - Bellevue State ParkBellevue State Park is located on the grounds that were formerly the home of William DuPont, Jr. This well cultivated 328 acre park offers activities that can be enjoyed during any season. From tennis courts and disc golf in the warmer months to ice skating in the winter, visitors can enjoy themselves year round. Bellevue State Park is situated in the suburbs near New Castle County in Delaware. The grounds overlook the Deleware River. Many of the park’s facilities were built by DuPont while he lived on the property.

Formal Gardens and Mansion

The centerpiece of the Bellevue State Park is DuPont’s former home, Bellevue Hall. This magnificent mansion is a historic landmark in Delaware. It provides visitors with a glimpse into the way DuPont lived when he and his family owned the property. The mansion is surrounded by opulent formal gardens that are maintained by staff and visitors. Gardening classes are offered during certain times of the year for anyone who is interested in learning how to develop their own formal garden. Diverse classes are offered inside the mansion all year long.

Equestrian Facilities

The equestrian facilities at Bellevue State Park have been in operation ever since the mansion was a practical home. After the DuPonts moved out, the facilities were given to the state along with the rest of the property. Today, visitors can enjoy horseback riding on one of the many horses that are still stabled at the park. Unpaved trails wind through the woods on the property and are excellent for riders who have any level of experience on horseback. There are also people at the stables who can help first time riders learn how to handle their horses.

Unpaved Hiking Trails

Dirt trails crisscross the park through the wooded countryside. During the summer months the trails pass through dense wooded areas that are green and lush. In the winter, the trails provide a wondrous passage through snow covered woodlands. These trails can be used for hiking, horseback riding, or biking. The trails are not separated for individual purposes, so visitors must be aware that there will be other people riding the trails as well. Good etiquette suggests that each rider keep to the right hand side of the path and allow faster moving riders to pass easily.

Paved Paths Through the Park

Bellevue State Park also has an extensive network of paved roads for visitors who prefer an easier path. The paved roads are generally used by local residents for jogging, roller blading, or biking. A special fitness track is included in the park and is a great place to perform a more formal exercise regimen. The fitness track also has a complete interactive life course. In the center of the track there is a pond where visitors can catch and release fish. The pond provides a fun place for children to fish or play while their parents take advantage of the exercise facility.

Summer Day Camps

Children also enjoy visiting Bellevue State Park for the annual summer day camps that are offered here. Every summer the park develops a day camp series that is based on a specific theme. Children can enjoy special entertainment and attend educational classes that deal with the theme for the summer. The park also presents educational or entertaining programs for all ages throughout the year. Community classes are available in a variety of subjects for students who are old or young. Local residents enjoy visiting the park as much as out of state visitors because of the diverse activities that are offered on a daily basis.

Music Performances Inside and Outside

During the summer months, Bellevue is home to a classical concert series that is performed from the bandshell on the property. In the winter, the concerts move indoors to a special theater within Bellevue Hall. Performances of all kinds are presented in Bellevue year round. The Music in the Mansion concert series entertains visitors between October and May, while the Summer Banshell Concert Series is presented between June and September. Music lovers have the opportunity to enjoy high quality musical presentations in the refined mansions and lawns that were originally built for the enjoyment of one of America’s premiere families.