Explore the Real Florida at Big Lagoon State Park

Situated along the edge of Big Lagoon, Big Lagoon State Park is nearly 700 acres of premier land for camping, hiking, fishing, and relaxation in Northwest Florida. This Florida State Park is also the location of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand and green vegetation are just the beginning of the discoveries waiting at Big Lagoon. As home to the hundreds of plants, birds, marine life, and other wildlife for which the real Florida is famous, this state park is never short on adventure.

In the middle of the sights and sounds at Big Lagoon, visitors are well kept in camp sites that include electricity, water, a picnic table, and ground grill.  Scattered around the park are large pavilions, benches, and picnic tables placed in perfect position to witness breathtaking views. Among the amenities is the Governor’s Pavilion which features a floor to ceiling stone fireplace and grill at its center. Since the hurricane season of 2004 destroyed much of the parks man-made amenities, everything at this park is virtually new. Wildlife has rebounded and the beaches are clean and renewed.

Immediately upon entering the gates of Big Lagoon State Park, visitors are greeted with the smell of sea air and pine, as the beaches of Big Lagoon are located on the outskirts of its pine forests. Running through the park is an intercoastal waterway. A walk bridge that extends over the brackish water allows visitors to peer into the shallows below where crabs and other forms of marine life thrive among the grass beds.  Several boarded walkways extend from the center of the park to the outer beach areas allowing visitors to view the natural habitat from an elevated perspective. Alternatively, some visitors will enjoy the eye level experience of walking through the sandy trails of Big Lagoon.

Throughout the park are natural sand trails that provide close encounters to many forms of wildlife and plants.  Wildlife such as the gray fox, raccoons, skunks, and opossum use the same trails as visitors, as is evident by the many foot and hoof prints left behind in the sand.  Hike along the shoreline to see marine creatures like rays, dolphins, and more.  Some sturdy plants on the island grow in a unique fashion as they are buffeted by the winds of tropical weather and are evidence of the protective duties of plant life in the park. Benches are available along trails for rest or to just sit and take in the beautiful vistas that are plentiful along the natural trails of Big Lagoon State Park.

Along with a plethora of observation opportunities, Big Lagoon State Park is prime real estate for crab and fish. Many visitors enjoy wading into the shallow waters in search of crab and fish for dinner. With a license, visitors can even fish from the foot bridge that spans the waterway within the park. The surrounding waters are conducive to water sports and fun. Kayaks may be obtained form park officials at the front gate or visitors may bring their own.

A day at Big Lagoon Park ends with a beautiful sunset to the west and is best viewed from atop the public observation tower situated on the west beach of the park. Lucky visitors may witness dolphins playfully breaching the surface of the glossy Big Lagoon or island birds floating across the sunset horizon. Offering much more than just a camp site, nature enthusiast and those seeking fun activities alike will enjoy their visit to the park. Big Lagoon State Park is a well balanced blend of wetland nature, exciting activities, and vistas found only along the Gulf of Mexico.