Explore the Beauty of Georgia’s Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Those looking for a picturesque location would be hard pressed to beat the beauty of Watson Mill Bridge state park.  This spectacular part is known for its stunning vistas, its natural beauty and of course the magnificent covered bridge for which it is named.  In fact the Watson Mill Bridge state park is home to the longest covered bridge in the state.  Spanning some 229 feet and crossing the South Fork River, this beautiful bridge is the centerpiece of the park.

This beautiful bridge also represents a fine example of a dying breed.  At one time the state of Georgia boasted more than 200 covered bridges, but in modern times less than 20 of these unique structures remain intact.  The bridge at Watson Mill Bridge state park is a fine example of this lost art.

Nature lovers can enjoy the contrast between the natural beauty of the countryside and the manmade beauty of the bridge itself.  The stunning vistas available at the park make it a perfect spot for picnicking, horseback riding, hiking and biking.  The park offers miles of forest trails for humans and horses alike, and it has long been a favorite for lovers of the outdoors.  During the warm summer months visitors may even want to enjoy a dip in the cool river that runs below the bridge.

The river is also a wonderful spot to fish, and anglers from around the state come here to try their luck.  The fortunate ones can come away with bream, catfish, bass and other local species.

Those who wish to stay overnight have a number of options at their disposal, including more than 30 campsites and a log cabin bunkhouse that is available for nightly rentals.  Of course those visitors should be sure to make their reservations early, especially in the summer months when the park becomes even more popular.

Those in the mood for an overnight adventure on horseback can even rent a place for their equine companions to spend the night.  A total of 22 stalls are available at the park, but it is important to reserve them well ahead of time.  The miles of trails in the park and surrounding area make it a perfect place for horse lovers to explore, and an overnight trip can make it even more exciting.  No rental horses are available, but those with their own horses can spend many hours exploring the thickly forested trails throughout the park.

Even though horses are not for rent, paddle boats and canoes definitely are.  Outdoor enthusiasts can rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful river at their own pace.  Paddling along the river is a great way to take in the natural beauty of the area, and many people come back year after year to enjoy the natural beauty, and of course that stunning covered bridge.