Looking for a Unique Getaway Consider the Panola Mountain State Park in Georgia

There are of course many parks in the state of Georgia, but few of them can offer the experiences available at Panola Mountain state park.  This unique park offers a number of classes, including orienteering, backpacking, mountain biking and more. . The park also offers many organized rides and hikes, making it a perfect place to get together with friends for hours of fun and adventure.

The history of Panola Mountain state park is a unique one as well.  Located near the city of Atlanta, the park was created in order to protect a 100 acre granite mountain that is often compared to the famous Stone Mountain.  Panola Mountain provides shelter to many of the rarest plants in the region, making it a natural treasure worthy of protection.

Hikers love to explore the granite outcropping and watershed, either on their own or as part of frequent organized hikes in the park.  Park staff offers a number of guided hikes, and these hikes are a perfect way for new visitors to become familiar with all the park has to offer.

While the hikes are perfect for adult visitors, the kids may prefer to explore the park’s interpretive center, with its wealth of animal exhibits.  And both children and adults are free to enjoy a leisurely bike ride on the paved PATH trail running through the park.

Visitors to the Panola state park should be aware that pets are not permitted on the trail, due to the delicate ecology of the region.  Panola mountain is a place worthy of protecting, and these precautions will help to ensure that visitors will still be enjoying its natural beauty in generations to come.