Columbus-Belmont State Park

Whether somebody is a Civil War history buff or just looking for a great way to spend the day in Kentucky, the Columbus-Belmont State Park is a fantastic place to check out. Not only is the surrounding area itself very pretty, it is also recognized at getting people interested in the history of the Civil War. At one point, national leaders had considered moving the capital from Washington to Columbus, Kentucky. This is because of what a major role it played in American history. It was a located used during the war and led to a battle on November 7th, 1861. Over time, a lot of work has been done to build an impressive museum while still withholding the amazing history.

A lot of people flock to Columbus-Belmont State Park because they are interested in the history of the Civil War. Driving into this park, there is a great museum including artifacts, pictures, and interesting bits of information. All of the employees and volunteers are knowledgeable about the Civil war and can help assist any individual that is interested in learning more about the history. Taking the interpretive trail is a recommended activity at this park, as it takes people through a small portion of the trench system that was built during the war. This is a fantastic way to really get in touch with history and help children understand the importance of this state park.

The park also features a nice activity center, where children can hear stories and gain more perspective on the Civil War and what it meant. On certain weekends, the park holds a reenactment of the war- a very popular attraction for residents of Kentucky. People drive from afar just to take part or witness the reenactments, making it a prime location for history buffs.

Camping at Columbus-Belmont State Park is a great idea for those who are looking for some time away from the city and wanting to enjoy the beautiful park for just a bit longer. The campground offers 38 sites with grills and utility hookups. The grounds also include a facility with laundry, rest rooms, and showers. This is great news for those in the area that are looking for a family friendly campsite. The grounds are located on a river cliff campground, making it an excellent place to look over and get a great view of the Mississippi River. No reservations are made, so it is important that an individual get there early if they are trying to get a spot. Pets are also allowed, as long as they remain on their leash and behave properly.

Many people visit Columbus-Belmont State Park just so they can enjoy the nice picnic areas. There are many different shelters in the chance of rain or bad weather, making the perfect place for those that want to plan a birthday party or other event in this area. If an individual wants to host a party here, it is important that they make reservations early to ensure they will have a spot. Many people are also looking to visit this park simply for their children. Columbus-Belmont features an impressive playground, perfect for keeping the kids entertained after a hike or exploring the battlegrounds.

The Columbus-Belmont State Park is a great place to check out for visitors coming from out of state and locals alike. Not only is it a must-see for Civil History buffs, it is also a great place to unwind and check out the beautiful setting. Families will have a nice time at the park due to the many picnic areas, bathroom facilities, and playground. With no cost of entering the park, this is definitely a must see for those that are in the local area and looking for a place to spend some time. Regardless of why somebody is visiting this state park, they are sure to be impressed with how well maintained it is and the number of activities that can be enjoyed here.