Kentucky’s Green River Lake State Park Offers Lots of Fun Things to Do


Green River Lake State Park is located about two hours southeast of Louisville in Campbellsville, Kentucky. It contains over 1,300 acres of grasslands and forests, 28 miles of hiking trails and several picnic grounds. The park also features Green River Lake that has a total area of over 8,200 acres. As a result, outdoor enthusiasts Green River Lake State Park can find lots of fun things to do all year long.

To see what we mean, here's a look at the things you can do at Green River Lake State Park.

–Camping enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the area's campgrounds.

Camping enthusiasts can camp at one of the 157 campsites located in the park between March 1st and November 30th each year. Campsites are located near the beaches in the eastern section of the park. The area includes a small grocery store, a trash disposal area and easy access to a miniature golf course. The area also includes three areas that contain showers, restrooms and laundry facilities. In addition, campers can also easily access the Green River Lake from the trails that crisscross the campgrounds.

–Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy also spending time Green River Lake.

This is true because Green River Lake offers a lot of fun things to do. For example, fishing enthusiasts will enjoy fishing for Bluegills, Crappies, Muskies and several species of bass fish. In addition, swimming enthusiasts and jet skiers will enjoy playing in Green River Lake's tranquil waters and cool temperatures from March until October.

Furthermore, be sure to check out Green River Lake's marina and docking area. These places feature over 200 covered docking spots and a rental booth. the area also includes room for jet skiers to enjoy themselves. If you like to go fishing, the marina also includes several areas where fishing enthusiasts can try their hand at cast fishing.

–Hikers, runners and horse riding enthusiasts will also enjoy visiting Green River Lake State Park.

Hikers, runners and horse riding enthusiasts will enjoy the park's hiking trails that meander across the park. For example, visitors will enjoy the multi-use trails that are located near the campground and the park office. The trails include the Windy Ridge trail located near the campgrounds, the North Trail located near the park office and the Main Trail located near the marina. In addition, the trails are the starting point for several smaller trails which crisscross picnic grounds and rest areas.

–If you enjoy looking at animal life, Green River Lake State Park offers people several places to explore the area's plants and animals.

For example, many of the trails located in the park are located close to open woodlands and grassy knolls. These areas are a great place to explore the deer, squirrels, bobcats and other animals which call the area home. This is true because there are several places on the trails which let visitors view the animals that live in the park from a safe distance.

In addition, the area near the marina and docks is also a great place to explore the area's aquatic life. This is true because many rare mussels and fish species live there. Visitors will enjoy learning about these creatures because the marina's location allows visitors to see the creatures in their native habit.

–Finally, the park also has several playgrounds, barbecue grills and picnic areas that are located near Green River Lake.

Visitors will enjoy picnicking and playing here because the area's nice weather and breathtaking views make it a perfect place to enjoy a nice day outside. The area is open from March through November each year. In addition, the park also offers a picnic shelter rental that can be rented up to one year in advance.

As you can see, Green River Lake State Park offers visitors lots of fun things to do all year long. For more information, please call 270-465-8255 or visit their website located at