The Jewel of Kentucky Mammoth Cave National Park

There are many wonderful things to see and do while visiting Kentucky, but every visitor to the state should be sure to pay a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park.  This great national park is of course best known for the caves from which it derives its name, but there is plenty for visitors to do above ground as well.

The Mammoth Cave National Park was created in order to protect and preserve the extensive system of caves that make the area so special.  The park is home to the largest cave system in the world, with some 365 miles of explored underground formations.  Visitors have been exploring this underground world since 1816, and new adventurers continue to visit this enormous complex year after year.

The highlight of any visit to Mammoth Cave National Park is of course the cave tours.  The park offers a wide variety of cave tours, ranging from 30 minutes to over six hours.  Visitors are encouraged to explore their options and make their plans accordingly.

Those who plan to spend the night at Mammoth Cave National Park will find the park even more charming and delightful.  The sunlit side of the park offers some truly spectacular views for visitors, and some great shots for photography buffs.

The park offers three different modern campgrounds, along with more than a dozen more primitive sites in the backcountry part of the Mammoth Cave.  Backcountry camping is also available along the shores of the Nolin and Green Rivers.  The campgrounds are all open on a first come first serve basis so campers are encouraged to book early.

With so much to see and do it is no wonder Mammoth Cave National Park is so popular with both Kentucky residents and those from around the country and around the world.  Visiting this fascinating park provides many lessons in geology, history and archeology, as well as a great way for families to spent time together and have fun.