Yatesville Lake State Park, Kentucky

Kentucky is a scenic land filled with lakes, mountains and many beautiful natural wonders. Every year, many people travel to Yatesville Lake State Park in Louisa, Kentucky gives visitors the opportunity to experience all the natural beauty that Kentucky has to offer. Located in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, Yatesville Lake Park is filled with activities that will provide a perfect trip in the outdoors for the whole family.

At the Yatesville Lake, you can visit the Yatesville marina and find boats and jetskis to rent. These boats can be taken out for a spin or used for fishing in the lake. Bluegills, crappies, and bass fish all make their home in the Yatesville Lake and are easily caught by fishermen. There are several different kinds of boats available, so you can find whatever will best suit your needs at the time.

Yatesville Lake State Park has a wide variety of hiking trails for hikers of all abilities. Some of these trails allow horses to ride on them. These trails wind around different portions of the park. There is detailed trail information available so that hikers can make an informed decision about where they will take their hike. After a hike in the hot sun, park visitors can head to the public beach for a swim in the cool lake water. The beach area has both playgrounds and a snack bar so there are plenty of things to occupy the family without having to head back to camp frequently.

If you are hoping to visit the park over a course of several days, that is not a problem. Yatesville State Park has a campground available to visitors. There are campsites for both RVs and tents. Some of these sites are only accessible via boat, and others can only be arrived at by hiking. Both of these options a good way to have a vacation in a natural setting. The campground also has a playground, laundry, and showers. You can make your reservations ahead of time on the park's website, so you will not have to worry about the campsites being full when you get there.

For those looking for something a little bit different to do on their trip to a state park, Yatesville offers a 18-hole golf course. The golf course has a store where you can buy and rent golfing equipment, so you if you are planning to golf, you do not need to pack your golf supplies. You can also buy food and drinks here, so a whole day can easily be spent at the course.

For more information about Yatesville Lake State Park you can visit their website at http://parks.ky.gov/findparks/recparks/yl/. You can also call the park at (606) 673-1492.