Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is located at 1500 Poverty Point Parkway, Delhi, Louisiana 71232. The telephone number to reach the park staff is 318-878-7536 or 800-474-0392 toll free. The Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is open year round.

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is a great place for year round fishing for blue gill, channel catfish, large mouth bass, and black crappie. There are two regular boat launches, a fishing pier, fish cleaning stations and a slip marina providing easy access to the waterways as well as a place to take care of the fish. While water sports and fishing make up a large part of the park’s activities, the park is located in the Mississippi Flyway. Depending on the season, visitors may see pelicans, ducks, cormorants, and geese. The lake is a 2700 acre man-made lake.

The Poverty Point Reservoir offers more than 50 campsites, eight cabins located right on the reservoir and four lodges set back on Bayou Macon. The cabins are equipped with more modern conveniences. The campsites are available with electric hook ups or without.

Poverty Point Reservoir is named after nearby Poverty Point which is a Native American site which contains many artifacts from the past. The builders settled in the area from 1400 to 700 B.C. on the Bayou Macon near Epps. The lake and park being only minutes away from the state historic site makes Poverty Point Reservoir a perfect location for a summer vacation, offering not only boating and fishing but a cultural education as well.

Black bears are quite prominent in the park. Visitors are advised to keep food inaccessible to the bears and bear proof containers are provided at trash disposal sites throughout the park. Other wildlife viewing areas are available for visitors. The location of the park in the Mississippi Flyway provides incredible opportunities for bird watchers to see many different species.

There are many other opportunities nearby to enjoy the out of doors. There are several nearby golf courses and many towns within easy traveling distance for shopping and tourism activities. Also nearby is the Poverty Point State Historic Site consists of Native American burial mounds. The Cotton Museum offers visitors an up close look at how plantations were run. Several wildlife refuge areas are also close by, offering visitors a chance to see other wildlife that they may not get to see in the wild.

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is a more modern park with more modern activities including boating and a water park. Rustic campgrounds are available, however there are not many trails through the forest or any physical events such as rock climbing. Kayaking is allowed on the lake along with the other types of boats. Fishing is allowed year round as well. Facilities are well maintained and kept up to date with modern technologies. If you are looking for a rustic, back to nature type of park, you are not likely to find this type of adventure here, but Poverty Point Reservoir State Park still has its own wonderful things to offer visitors.