Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland

Gunpowder Falls State Park is a fairly large park located near Baltimore, Maryland. Major roads like Interstate 95 make the park very accessible. It is over 18,000 acres and boasts a lot of water of trails. There are a variety of terrains at Gunpowder Falls including marshlands, wooded areas, and rocky areas. It is a great state park that offers a lot of activities for individuals and families. Here is a guide to some of the things you can expect when visiting Gunpowder Falls State Park.

If you are in to hiking, you can’t do much better than Gunpowder Falls State Park. The park has over one hundred miles of trails that allow hiking. One trail is 21 miles in length. The trail system at the park offer views of all of the unique features of the park. You can walk along water, the railroad, and many other areas. Most of the trails are designed for people of all skill levels. There are some trails and trail area that require more physical activity. The park is mostly flat though there are hiking areas that include some steep areas. It is best to get a map of the various park areas so that you know what to expect ahead of time when hiking.

Fishing is also very popular at Gunpowder Falls State Park. The park is divided in to several areas so there are many types of fishing available. Trout are located all over the park. Some areas are designated for catching and releasing trout. However, there are also areas where trout is stocked and you can catch and keep them. Fly fishing is also very popular at the park. You can participate in tidal fishing or simple freshwater fishing. Gunpowder Falls State Park also has crabbing areas. Maryland is a state famous for its crabs and this park allows you to catch your own. Fishing from a boat is also an option. There is a marina as well as a boat launch. Boat rentals are available at the park during the season. In addition, you can enjoy canoeing or kayaking through the park as well. Motor boats are permitted and the marina has supplied you might need such as gas and fishing equipment. Boating is one of the major attractions here.

The Hereford Area is a part of the park that allows many recreational activities including horseback riding, hiking, and hunting. Bow hunting is the only method allowed in this area. Horseback riding and mountain biking are allowed in the Sweet Air Area. There are almost twenty miles of trails that let you ride bikes or horses. Most state parks in the northeast don’t have near those amounts.

If you want to swim, the Hammerman Area is the place for that. There is a large beach area here that has lifeguards during the warm season. Swimmers are allowed to swim at their own leisure as well. The park will post any water advisories to ensure safety. This area includes several picnic areas featuring tables and grills. This is a great part of the park to take your family on a hot summer day. Other family activities in this area include a playground, recreational fields, and windsurfing. Kayaks and other water equipment can be rented in this area as well. It is open throughout the year though lifeguards will not be there between Labor Day and Memorial Day. This isn’t a camping park, though there is a cottage that is available to rent. The cottage features plenty of sleeping space and most modern amenities. It’s something to look in to if you want to enjoy the park for an extended period.

There are plenty of activities to choose from here, but exploring the natural areas might be your best bet. The falls are beautiful. There are two major sets of falls aptly named Big Gunpowder Falls and Little Gunpowder Falls. A walk around the park will give you great views of the falls as well as other natural features including unique trees, flowers, and animals. There are several areas ideal for bird watching around the park as well. You can also learn a lot about the railroad era of the United States by visiting the museum and visitor center or simply walking around. This is a modern park that has plenty of rustic areas for outdoorsmen to enjoy. Rather you are planning a family trip or just want to experience the outdoors Gunpowder Falls State Park has something for you.