South Mountain State Park

South Mountain State Park is a great place to experience the great outdoors. There are many different activities available throughout the year, including hiking, hunting, watching wildlife, and more. This area has also experienced a lot of important American history and several sites and exhibits are available for visitors to see and learn about the rich history of this area. For those looking to take photographs and admire nature, South Mountain State Park is home to many different species of wildlife and plants, including black bears, meadow voles, whitetail deer, raccoons, rat snakes and opossums. Hiking is also a popular attraction, and the park has many different trails for hikers to enjoy. Trails are available for those of all abilities and skills. Below you will find some more helpful information about this great state park as well as some tips for planning a trip to this area.

South Mountain State Park is a forty-mile long stretch of multi-use park area that runs from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac River. The park has no entrance facility and most of the park is only accessible on foot. For this reason, it is important to understand where you are headed and know the outline of the park itself. Maps and information about the park are available through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Maps of hiking trails are available at the Washington Monument State Park and the Greenbrier State Park facilities. By obtaining maps of the area before proceeding on your trip, you will be able to ensure a safe and happy exploration of this wonderful natural area.

Hiking is one of the most popular reasons that brings people to South Mountain State Park. This park has a number of trails available for visitors, including Maryland’s portion of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. This trail is well-marked and enables visitors of all ability levels of enjoy hiking. Visitors can hike for one day or multiple days, camping overnight on the trail. Along the way, visitors are guaranteed to see some fascinating wildlife and beautiful natural landscape. South Mountain has several natural vistas that are beautiful sites for surveying the land and taking photos.

Nature watching is another popular activity that draws people to this park. The park’s 13,000-acre forest houses many different species of animals, allowing observers to explore the natural world more fully. There are many great opportunities for hikers and other nature-lovers to spend time outside with these amazing creatures, taking photos and learning about their habitat. Since most of the park is only accessible by foot, visitors can be assured that this forest area is quiet and secluded, making it a perfect location for watching the diverse wildlife of this unique area. The park is also a migration area for many hawks, owls, and eagles. During the right time of the year, visitors are bound to see these beautiful animals migrating through the countryside. However, there are strict rules surrounding the care and protection of these animals, so it is important to always respect the environment and its inhabitants.

Hunting is another activity that visitors enjoy at South Mountain State Park. Again, there are strict rules and regulations surrounding this practice. Hunters must be licensed and knowledgeable about the rules surrounding hunting in this area. No hunting is allowed on Sundays, and weapons must be unloaded at all times while walking through areas where hunting is not allowed. If you plan to hunt while you visit the park, come prepared to walk to your destination. While many use the Appalachian Trail to find their hunting locations, the trail is not a proper location for hunting itself. Only two areas are reserved for hunting. For more information on the rules, hunting periods, and places to hunt, call the park at 1-800-830-3974.

If you’re looking for a great outdoor experience, South Mountain State Park has something for you to enjoy. Whether you’re hunting, hiking, or simply relaxing and enjoying nature, you will be sure to love the beauty of this natural landscape and all of the wildlife there is to see. Call today to get more information and find maps for your trip.