Your Guide to the Vicksburg National Military Park

History buffs have been flocking to the Vicksburg national military park for many decades, but there is plenty here for non-history buffs as well.  This beautiful park offers a range of things to see and do, along with a wealth of learning opportunities for young and old alike.  This great national military park, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is a great place for the entire family to spend a wonderful vacation.  Everyone from the youngest children to the grandparents will find something to love about this family friendly destination.

The Vicksburg national military park is designed to commemorate the battle that took place there.  Visitors can find plenty of information about the siege and defense of this city, and the kids will surely be fascinated about this era in military history.  The town of Vicksburg was well suited to stage a defense, sitting as it does on the high ground above the strategic Mississippi River.  One of the most important battles of the Civil War was fought here, and visitors can learn about this important time period as they explore the park.

First time visitors to the park would be well served to start their journey back in history at the excellent visitor center.  The visitor center at the park offers a wealth of historical information, along with orientation materials, maps, visitor services, plenty of exhibits and even an informational film about the site and what occurred there.  On the practical side of things, the visitor center also offers rest rooms, telephones and information on the surrounding area.

Visitors should also be sure to see the USS Cairo museum and gunboat.  This great museum offers plenty of historical information in its won right, along with some great exhibits about the role naval operations played during the Civil War.  Navy buffs will be fascinated by this great museum, and young and old alike are sure to learn a few things they never knew before.

Some of the artifacts on display at the museum include a time capsule showing what life was like for those aboard a Civil War era gunboat.  Visitors to the museum can also look across the Mississippi River at the last remaining piece of Grant’s Canal.  This is the place where Union forces attempted to bypass well fortified Vicksburg by digging a canal that passed through Desoto Point.

There is so much to see and do at the Vicksburg national military park that visitors are advised to see much of it by road.  To make such tours easier the park provides a scenic tour road that stretches some 16 miles through the park.  This historical road parallels the siege lines of the Union and Confederate armies.  Visitors can stop at 15 sites along the way, where they can learn more about this historical battle and the park which commemorates it.