Red Rock Canyon State Park

The Red Rock Canyon State Park is located on Highway 281 South in Hinton, Oklahoma. The telephone number to reach park staff is 405-542-6344. The Red Rock Canyon offers some year round camping opportunities although much of the park facilities are closed and winterized throughout the winter months beginning in October and reopened in April of the following year.

The Red Rock Canyon State Park offers an outdoor pool and a gift shop for visitors to browse through. There are several campsites which include RV sites as well as sites for tents. The park also offers visitors picnic areas, a small fishing pond, playground equipment and nature trails. Because of the unique location among the canyon walls, many visitors enjoy exploring the canyon walls and rock climbers use the walls for climbing and rappelling. The park offers a group camp through the summer months with bunkhouses as well as kitchen and dining facilities for meals and meetings.

The history of Red Rock Canyon adds a bit of charm to the park as well. It is known that the California Trail ran through this area, with the Red Rock Canyon being one of its stops. Cheyenne, Comanche and other Indian Tribes camped in this region. It’s also reported that people running from the law took refuge in the scenic canyon walls. Today’s modern explorers can choose to rough it and sleep in tents or be more modern and bring their RVs, either way it is a beautiful place to visit.

The nature trails are a great way to view the fall colors as well. The Red Rock Canyon State Park is well known for its preservation of native tree and plant species. It is the site of the only remaining stand of Caddo maple trees in the world. The amazing show of color from the Caddo maple trees outshines all others. With a back drop of the brilliant red sandstone canyon walls, it is truly a fabulous sight.

There is no charge for use of the park during the day and only a modest fee for camp sites. Be careful when picnicking to remain in the areas where picnicking is allowed however and observe the day time hours to avoid being given a ticket. Park staff is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, although the park is open 24 hours a day.

There are many state parks to be found in Oklahoma and several with the red sandstone found in Red Rock Canyon State Park. There are also several cities and towns nearby to enjoy other activities while camping at Red Rock Canyon State Park. Things to do near Red Rock Canyon State Park include the Hinton Historical Museum or a visit to the Sugar Creek Canyon Golf Club. While hiking and rock climbing are the two most popular activities at Red Rock Canyon, there is much to see while participating in these activities. The wildlife is abundant and the scenery from the trails as well as the rock face is breathtaking.