South Carolina – Devils Fork State Park

If you love nature, pay careful attention to the following information. Devils Fork State Park in South Carolina is one of the most secluded areas in the United States. The land has been protected for decades, which has led to a world that is unspoiled by society and commercialization. Devils Fork State Park is home to loons, bald eagles, falcons, black bears, rhododendrons, and Oconee bell spring flowers. Needless to say, this park is the epitome of what this area of the world would be like without humans. This park also offers the only public access to Lake Jocassee. This allows for one of the most crystal clear lakes in the country. And this, in turn, leads to some of the best fishing you can find anywhere. People come from all over the southeast to fish in this lake, which should be an immediate indication of how incredible the fishing is. Luckily, not too many people are in on the secret. Therefore, overcrowding is not even close to an issue.

Lake Jocassee is filled with brown and rainbow trout, small and largemouth bass, bluegill, and black crappie. The fishing is obviously terrific. The only requirement is a South Carolina fishing license, which is easy to attain. Fishing might be a great activity here, but the lake is so clear that some people even choose to scuba dive in it. Unless you’re a golf ball collector, you’re not going to find many lakes in South Carolina that you can scuba dive in. And this isn’t diving for golf balls, this is for enjoyment. Lake Jocassee is a 7,500-acre reservoir that is located deep in the Blue Ridge region. Swimming is allowed in Lake Jocassee, but there are no lifeguards or designated swimming areas. Boating is also allowed on the lake, but it’s highly recommended that you don’t leave your boat on the lake overnight. Otherwise, you might wake up and find it damaged or beached. This is because the lake is a working hydroelectric facility with unpredictable schedules. Due to the terrain, a wind tunnel is also formed over the lake, and the wind can move your boat with ease. There are four boat ramps on the lake. The address for the park, as well as the lake, is 161 Holcombe CIR, Salem, SC 29676. The phone number is 864-944-2639.

The many amazing features for Devils Fork State Park don’t end there. Actually, even the trip to the park is enjoyable thanks to the scenery. In order to get there, you take SC 11, which is also known as the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway. And when you reach the park, there is much more on offer than just Lake Jocassee. One of the most popular attractions is the many waterfalls that fall into the lake. As far as camping goes, you will have a choice between rugged and comfortable. If you’re more into the rugged experience, there are two campgrounds to choose from. They are both located on the shores of the lake. If you’re more into comfort, there are modern villas available. There are only 20 villas; therefore, reservations are required.

There are two picnic shelters at Devils Fork State Park. They can be reserved for between $30 and $38 per day. For reservations, call 1-866-345-PARK, or you can reserve a picnic shelter online. There is a park store, which has food, drinks, firewood, and souvenirs. If you’re traveling with kids, don’t worry, there is a playground. And if you’re a bird watcher, you will be very happy.

As far as hiking goes, there is an easy trail and a moderate trail. The Bear Cove Trail is a 2-mile loop and rated as moderate in difficulty. It’s actually the perfect trail for anyone who is over 3 years old, under 80 years old, and in good health. The Oconee Bell Nature Trail is 1-mile and rated as easy in difficulty. This is a great trail for those who prefer a leisurely stroll. The rare wildflowers are the main feature on this route.

Devils Fork State Park is only 128 miles from Charlotte, 135 miles from Columbia, and 140 miles from Atlanta. If you choose to visit, don’t tell too many people about your experience. This natural treasure is better kept a secret.