Virgin Falls State Park

Virgin Falls State Park, located on the Cumberland Plateau, White County, Tennessee is one of the few Natural Areas still in existence today.

Virgin Falls Natural Area was acquired in the late 90s and was known as a Bowater Natural Pocket Area. One stipulation of purchase was that it was to remain a Natural Area and no structures were to be built on the property.

Virgin Falls Trail

From the parking area, thru the trail and back is what is called a loop trail. Depending on your pace, the hike should take you 5 to 8 hours to complete. The trail starts out fairly easy then becomes somewhat different. Either way it is a great experience.

Virgin Falls is abundantly rich with scenery and wildlife. Nature is at its best along this trail. Although the trail is open year round, either season you visit, you are surely going to be amazed. During spring and summer, you will discover some amazing greenery with numerous wild plants such as wild blueberries to almost majestic shades produced by the many tall standing oak and hickory trees. The fall and winter months is just as beautiful. It almost appears that Nature has simply turned the page. Big, bold, bright colors are all around you. In the winter, when the water from the waterfalls hit the ground, it seems to create a fog that is picture perfect.

Virgin Falls

At the top of the trail you will come to the Virgin Falls. These falls have somewhat of a mystery about them. They seem to appear and disappear magically. The falls are one of the longest or tallest falls of the state.

If you want to see the falls in their peak flow, late winter and early spring would be the best time to visit the park as this is the falls wet season. During late summer and early fall, the falls are in their dry season and are barely flowing.


Tennessee-Virgin Falls State Park is home to many different species of wildlife. It is wise not to approach any wildlife that you may encounter along the trail or any other part of the park. This is for your safety and the safety of the wildlife as well. Admire their beauty from a distance.


There are several designated camping areas for your convience and there is no charge to camp. The park attendants do ask that if you build campfires to please use the fire rings that are provided and to please properly distinguish all fires and to please dispose of any garbage you may have. Since the area is not daily serviced, this will help ensure the next people to use the site will have an pleasant visit as well.


Spending a day hiking through the park is an enjoyable time. To help ensure that your day goes smoothly, you may wish to pack a first aid kit along with your backpacking gear.


The area has numerous caves to explore. Before you start your caving expedition, it would be a good idea to call the park ahead of time to ask if the caves are open. The caves are a beautiful part of the park, and anyone who enjoys caving would really enjoy exploring them.

Contact Information

Tennessee – Virgin Falls State Park, part of Scotts Gulf, is overseen by TWRA and the Resource Management Division. Their phone number is (615) 532-0431.

The RMD can help you with any questions you may have concerning the park and help you to plan a successful stay while at the park.

Area Attractions

If you and your family are planning on a trip to Tennessee-Virgin Falls State Park, a good place to contact would be the Sparta-White County Chamber of Commerce. They can give you updated information of the events during the time you plan to visit, as well as other area attractions in the area.

This county has an abundance of history for the entire family to share.

Start planning today for a visit to Tennessee-Virgin Falls State Park. It will be an outing you and your family will remember for years to come.